GoBabyGo in FIRST Inspire Blog

I was honored to be asked to write about our work with the GoBabyGo program for the FIRST Inspire blog. The combination of FIRST Robotics and GoBabyGo has been transformative for our students. Check out the blog at the link below and please feel free to reach out if you are interested in trying it out.

Link to FIRST Inspire blog:

Link to GBGConnect Forum (like Chief Delphi for GoBabyGo):

Link to REACH Challenge - an adaptive technology challenge that includes some unique curriculum - takes place in the fall so it doesn’t conflict with FRC build season:


Team 2073 EagleForce has been truly inspired by Team 1939!

We have begun our own GoBabyGo project. We recently delivered our first Mobility cart to a local student. Here is a link to the coverage provided by one of the three local NEWS stations that covered our Reveal Event.


That’s awesome, Gavin!

I love that our team is involved and appreciate all you do for it. I agree that the students are impacted by the experience with a new found sense of challenges others face.

@hrench has been our lead in GoBabyGo activities for the builds and I am proud of his and student’s efforts. I hope we continue to increase students participating, and I advocate each year for that. I hope we send two cars, instead of one. I’ll be there to help when we do that. I had a similar great experience this last year taking students to the GeeksForKids build, which was led by the FTC Red Hot Techie Peppers, and inspired by GoBabyGo.


Fantastic work! The Jeeps are pretty fun to work on. Keep up the great work!

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We’re always glad to have your team come out to the build. It’s a pleasure working with you and we hope to build more cars with your team and the other teams in the area as well.

Thought I should send a shout out to all the teams that have joined us in our builds over the last few years as well (in no particular order):

I was struggling to find the team list from 2017, so forgive me if I missed someone.

Also, here’s the video from this year’s build:


We are interested in the REACH challenge for fall 2020. What was the registration fee last season?

Here is a GBG design we made last year: Steer with the handlebars. Press forward on either the handlebars OR the big red switch to move the vehicle forward. 3 laser cut parts, everything else is COTS. http://team2363.org/2019/04/accessible-controls-for-ride-on-toy-car/

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Hi Nate,

Registration for REACH Challenge was $200 for our pilot year in 2019. I don’t see that increasing for next year. We have been judging the submissions and they are truly inspiring. I hope there are a lot of teams out there that give it a shot.

Obviously, we love GoBabyGo, but wanted to do something that opens it up to all kinds of adaptive technology for people of all ages. We’re also really proud of the toolkit of curriculum that it comes with.

Love the handle modification that you came up with for your GBG car. I’m always impressed with the work that 2363 does. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for REACH Challenge next year.

Edit: I should mention that $200 is the entry fee for a single team for ITEEA members. Multiple teams from the same school get a discounted rate of $180. Non-member teams are $375

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Thanks 1939 for putting the events together! I have had the honor to participate in 2017 and 2018, and seeing how happy the kids were when handed over their Maseratis are moments that I will never forget

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We love having 1775 out to our builds. I hope your team will consider trying a Hackathon car or entering REACH Challenge next year. If not, we hope you’ll join us for the community build again.

I thought I would go ahead and mention my team’s new initiative that takes these GBG builds to the next level: In April our team formed the Interact First Alliance, which is a coalition of PCH teams that want to make a positive impact on the community. From 2 GBG builds last build season (2019) to 4 more that has advance features and are designed around each child and the parents ease of use. We now have our alliance members building some as well and we plan to continue improving so that each child has more than a “play wheelchair”. Please checkout our website: www.interactfirst.org and see what we do for each child in our area as we gift these GBG devices to each family.

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Looks like you and the Interact group are doing some awesome work out there. Keep up the good work!