Goin' Again

Hey all!

Well… Just a few things:

First, our VPS Server (http://www.firstscouting.org) donated by http://www.fluidhosting.com was to expire today (Dec, 3rd).

However, with much thanks to them, they re-newed our VPS for another six months.

Next, I am working on FSN again. :slight_smile: I’m doing a bit each day and hope to have an alpha back-end up in a few weeks. As soon as we get to that point, I’ll need people to start:

a)Working on a pretty html front end, etc…
b)Having people continue to tweek the backend stuff…
c)Have people work on other misc. FSN things :slight_smile:
d)Tell everyone out there in FIRST about FSN and get them to use it for 2004
e)Get Brandon to find a spiffy way to intergrate FSN with CD. (tee hee hee…)

I’ll try to give an update in another week, with hopefully a semi-working back end to show.


Tell me what you need & I’ll try to deliver.