going back to Linksys wireless router

Now that we are finished with our regional, we need to get to learning more about programming. My one programmer who has no help or anyone to teach him is still ready and willing to keep on trying. Since we came back from our regional he wants to reconfigure the wireless router, but can’t seem to get it. I know he has followed the steps in the technical manual, but other than that I have no resource or knowledge to help him. If there is something out there you know of, please let us know.

I think you can just hold down the reset button and reconfigure it as if it was brand new (that means hook it up to your comp)

Are you kidding? He has the entire FIRST community to help him! Any questions he has are welcome on Chief Delphi and I’m sure he’ll get a fast response

Make sure that you have taken the WPA encryption off the Gaming Adapter. My team was frustrated to no end until we realized this was the problem.

I could go into detail about how to re-configure the router, but the directions are all-ready online


Go to page 45, and theres the directions to reconfigure it.

Note: I recommend that this is done with your router on your classmate.

Edit: If you have any trouble with this and need help with specifics just let me know.