going to nationals?

Hey. I’m a member of a rookie team in Bethesda, MD. Our team number is 1389. We didn’t sign up for nationals until just recently and I wasn’t sure when people were chosen to attend nationals. Is it still possible that we will be chosen from the waiting list?

Well it is still possible to be choosen, most definantly. many teams before national cant go because of money running dry or some sort of team member related interferrence, or trageties.also school districts limiting the trips and what not. also first has before Under estimated how many teams they can accomadate, so once all those details are straighten out they know how many teams from the waiting list go on the rooster.

Your biggest Variable agaisnt you is the seat your in, in the waiting list Itself as in how many other teams ready to go are ahead of you. i heard of many other teams receiving a comformation that there in from the waiting list to the rooster, hope you do make it

Anyone have better information about this?