GOING TO THE ATL! Wait..... what's it like?

This will be Herobotics team 2500 first ever trip ti the big ATL so we are a mix of emotions and we just wanna know what should we bring prepare for any little information would help.


It’s like a huge regional. 360 teams in the pits. Four fields going at once. Awesome judges walking around. A huge outdoor gathering area for meeting. A awesome ChiefDelphi WebHug. A super party when it over.

Same rules as your regional. Have fun !

Some tips:
Use MARTA for distance travel. It’s cheaper than renting a vehicle.
Take advantage of some of the special deals for FIRST teams, if you have time. The Aquarium is a good one.
Make sure to wear comfortable shoes; you’ll be doing a LOT of walking.
RoboProm. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s good. Talk to 399.
The CNN Center is across the street and has a food court. Follow the stream of teams and hope you can find a table.
The weather could do almost anything. Plan accordingly.
Visit Scholarship Row and the Supplier Showcase. They’re right outside the pits.

Congrats on making it to Atlanta!

There’s been several threads on this already - here is one of them

Congratulations on your first trip to the Championship Event! It’s a ton of fun, you’ll definitely enjoy it. When you’re there, I would definitely recommend visiting the Hall of Fame teams and their displays. There is also always a section with universities who would love to give you scholarship money- make sure you go chat with them, too. Visiting the FIRST store is also always a must. In terms of the competition, remember to wear comfortable shoes and drink a lot of fluids. You will be walking around a lot more than you expect, so it’s very easy to wear out your feet or get dehydrated. Also, make sure you actually get some rest each night. It’s tempting to stay up until the wee hours hanging out with your teammates, but you will be exhausted enough from running around competing all day, so do yourself a favor and get as much rest as you can. As it is, you will return home very tired (but very, very happy). The Championship is like four giant regionals all in one… plus there are other FIRST events occurring simultaneously with the four FRC fields. You’ll be able to feel the energy and the excitement in the air. It’s loud, it’s fun, it’s fantastic. You’ll definitely enjoy it. Bring a camera and take lots of pictures!

Also, it looks like Carol’s link didn’t make it into her post. Here is a recent thread that might help.

if you get a chance to go on the field. before you queue up, look up. only advice I can give you.

Now i am really excited to go!

its like 4 regionals rolled into one, with 4 pits, 2 full fields to practice on and Tons of segways

Congrats on your first CMP!! May you have many more…

Tip 1:
Make sure you have a good robot cart… You will have a LONG trip from the pits to the field…your drive team will spend most of their time just going back and forth.

Tip 2:
Find some time to go around and look at pits from the other divisions.
You will be in one of four divisions (this should be posted this week sometime…)
Galileo, Newton, Curie or Archimedes… Make sure you visit all of the divisions.
Some of the teams have amazing pits… Visit the FLL and FTC pits too!!

Tip 3: Try to get some sleep … It is really easy to stay up late…but you will pay for it the next day…

Tip 4: Relax and have a good time… Savor the experience… Talk to lots of people…make new friends…

Have fun!! It is unlike any other experience…
Come down to our pit (Team 1983) and say hello!! Pick up a Skunk pin…
We will be happy to meet you!!

see you in Atlanta!!

From my previous two years experience there, if there are any announcements made in the pit area (I didn’t hear a single one), you will not hear them. You must keep track of what match is currently on your field (by means of video screen or otherwise), and leave the pit area several matches in advance, to make sure you are queued up in time. Do not rely on anyone to come and get you, I’ve seen teams miss a match without ever knowing it. You’re paying a lot for this; don’t miss a match. The field is not just on the other side of a curtain, as in a regional. It’s a good little walk away. I’ll reiterate what was said about having a good cart.

Oops. Thanks, Ellen. That’s what I get for not previewing the psot before I submit…

thanks guys for all the feedback and threads!

Stay for the Party!!!

Excellent advice all of it. As a current resident of Atlanta, I would have to definitely stress that MARTA is very cheap and convenient, but always build a few minutes of waiting time into your schedule. And as for the weather, it’s always crazy in Atlanta. Right now it’s lightly snowing, but it’s supposed to be in the 70s on Friday. Very unpredictable.

Don’t forget to bring your cape and say hi to your friends at Wave Robotics

l______ all that but we didn’t like the party. it was cool and all but the food wasn’t that good, it was noisy, after 3 days of comp we all where asleep in our food, and it cost our team money we didn’t really have.
it was a good chance to mingle with other teams but it was dark and noisy.
they may have changed it sense '07 when we last went but i doubt it.

I mean, its your choice but just thought i should put it out there

I have never been there either. I am really excited for it!! Is it true we can get a segway to ride???

Some years the party is better than others. Last year Andy Baker put on the robot drag race at the party, and it was a blast (unfortunately rover wheels have all but ruined the opportunity for a sequel).

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Enjoy the experience. It is really hard to describe!

You would have to a) borrow one from someone who is there or b) find a segway renal place. Or you could buy Stu’s.