Going to Toronto -- what should I see?

On the list is Zoo, science center, dinner at the CN tower.

Would like to do dim sum

Staying in North York, have a car, ok with transit

We arrive about 1100 on Sat, depart 1000 on Monday

What should I see?


Dinner at the CN Tower is expensive :stuck_out_tongue:
Dim sum is awesome!
There are also some Korean BBQ ($10 for Lunch gets you unlimited beef, pork, chicken, fish, squid) places downtown.

Some All-You-Can-Eat Sushi ($17.99-$25) that you could try are AjiSai and Natural Sushi.

Other than Dim sum in Chinatown, you could try hot pot, I usually have it at home so I’m not sure what the prices are like.

There’s also this website http://www.toronto.com/events/ which gives you the dates and locations of some events going on in Toronto.


Any good hacker spaces, electronics surplus, etc?

Its 2 hours from Toronto, but if you’ve never seen Niagara Falls you need to see them, absolutely stunning! CanadaComputers is a great place for electronics, they’re a bunch of nice guys there. Oh, and you’ve gotta to Gerard street downtown, a bunch of amazing South-East Asian delicates.

I’ve never been to any of the local hackerspace but Creatron is the place for hobby electronics (arduino, Raspberry pi, etc).

There’s also Active surplus which is well known for electronics surplus.

Active surplus was cool, but with my current limited space I didn’t get anything, but I wanted lots!

We had dinner at the top of the CN tower to celebrate the summer solstice. Very impressive and as we ate the lights of Toronto came on.

Zoo was good - Panda’s were both out and active. It is a LOT of walking.

Rol San for dim sum was great, you pre-order so you know what you are getting. Street shopping in China town was fun,

CN Railway Roundtable was small but you can get close to the equipment. Make sure you check out the live steam train that they give rides on. The engine workmanship is great. They are next Steamwhistle Brewery that gives a tour of their brewing process.

Royal Ontario Museum has one of the best dino bones collections I’ve seen. They also have a “Inside the hidden city of China” exhibit that was worth seeing.

The Canadian art at the Royal Art Gallery was interesting and it’s close to the ROM.

Found a english pub that served “proper Sunday Roast Beef” and it’s only a few blocks from the Labyrinth. Also found a place with 32 adult beverages on tap.

Because it was “the start of spring” I wasn’t able to hook up with any hacker spaces. Could of had we spent the extra day.

Could not get into Legoland as we went north on the 400. Adults must have a kid in tow, and the rent-a-child kiosk in front was out.

Good trip. Thanks to all that posted here and in email.