Gold-plated fusebox

Are we allowed to modify the 40-amp gold plated breaker panel if we’re not using all of it?

In 2003 we were able to cut apart the four independent fuse holders if they were able to be mounted and insulated. We were not able to modify the larger four way with a single input connection. This device was only available when teams could no longer find the independent fuse block in 2003.

I couldn’t find the exact rule but, I don’t think that FIRST would allow the fuse block to be modified. I would ask for clarification before modifying the block.

In 2004 we simply unscrewed two of the four fuse/breaker holders and wire connectors from the terminal block, and this was allowed. I’d post the rule to the Q&A forum at FIRST for an official ruling. We did this because those 40 amp breaker units are really heavy.

Simply reusing an old thread.

I found a place to order them from. I am 90% they match but I want an electrical gurus opinion.

A quick response would be great


Close but no cigar. Although this is similar in style it is not the same part. Sorry.

This is actually from a post by rickerstine but the breaker panels from first in 2004 are being sold at a surplus company that first sold them to. Price is $9.00 :slight_smile:
scroll down the first page and you will see it.
direct link here

Thanks for the assist.

We are looking for one as well and have not had any success in finding a Maxi 4 have you been able to locate one? if so would you please share that information as to where you found one.
Thank you
Jay :slight_smile:

Maby I should have been more clear… this appears to me to be the same panel as we are using this year.

We recieved a replacement maxi block that was recommended, but there is no common bus. We are looking for suggestions.

If your block is four independent fuse holders, you must use the power distribution block. (Black plastic base with three metal blocks.) Each of the independent parts of the power dist. contains a #6 input port and 4 #10 output ports with screw hold downs. Make sure these are tight at regular intervals. You have been able to remove the unused portion of this block in the past to save weight. I haven’t checked to see if a Q&A has asked that this year.