Good-Bye Chiefdelphi...

Why? I’m going to pick up my advance ordered copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker today. I love this game. I think that the cell-shadeing was the best thing for this version of Zelda since lock-on targeting.

I’ll be back, don’t worry, just I will have happy images of Link dancing in my head.

I’m now addicted to Wind Waker. I have no life besides this game and school. I won’t miss the Champs since I will be playing Wind Waker.

I must go home and play this game…

I agree, this game is mad good… when confonted with some RARE free time this afternoon, and given choice between watching the Chicago webcast, or playing Zelda… I didn’t know what to do!

Put the webcast up on my roomie’s screen, and play zelda on mine. Yay technology.

If anyone gets the opportunity, check out this game.