Good cameras for streaming?

I was wondering if there were any good and legal alternatives for the Microsoft Life Cam. We have found the Life Cam to have either poor FPS or poor Quality and we can not find a mix between the two. What are some good alternatives? We need it for streaming only.

The bitrate for this year is further reduced so I’m not sure how much you’ll be able to gain here, honestly.

Generally for a driver’s camera, latency reduction is more important than video quality or framerate. I would suggesting 240p at 15 fps would be acceptable, but an even lower resolution could be used. We aren’t trying to take cinematics for a movie, we are trying to be efficient while controlling a robot on limited bandwidth.

We have used the Logitech C930e for a few years. It has a wider field of view than most other cameras of its type. No problem with it working. You can stream 424x320 at 30FPS if you set the “compression” around 25 or 30 (the parameter is called “compression” but it is really “quality”, so low number means higher compression).

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