Good CNC Waterjet or Laser Sheet Metal Shop in the southeast?

Can anyone recommend a CNC waterjet or laser cutting shop with fast turn-around times? Ideally SC, NC or GA.

We have a few shops in the Charleston, SC area, but their response time is pretty slow (if at all).

Email me at [email protected]

We have a water jet at USC Columbia that we can use to help you. Plus a few other mentors on 1102 with water jet machines at work that should be able to help as well. We can work out shopping and stuff in the email.

Other options include…

(4901 used this company in 2014 with great success)

Thanks for the generous offer, but one of the Charleston companies (Master Sheet Metal) finally responded. Their quoting guy was out a few days last week.

The good news is they have a 1-2 day lead time! :slight_smile: