Good Eliminations videos?

Hey CD,
Does anyone have/plan on posting videos from Einstein or division eliminations that are just full field camera views? It would be nice to watch the matches and actually see what is happening unlike the ones from the webcast. I’m hoping for something similar to what 973 and 610 posted last year. Thanks!

We took the same type of video this year and will be uploading it to the 973 Scouting YouTube Channel at in the next week or so.

Einstein video has been uploaded and is at



Curie (and Einstein) full-field footage is currently being uploaded on 1676’s YouTube Channel.

Does anyone know where I could find a recording of any/all of the nasa broadcasts/the ones on the screens. I would like to be able to show my friends the matches with the commentary and also have the closeups along with all these great full field videos that you are all posting. If anyone has a screencast that they could share on a cloud storage site if you could just use that storage for a day I would love to download a copy. Thanks!

Normally FIRST actually posts all of that video on their YouTube channel. Unfortunately all the video is clumped together, and it isn’t posted until a significant time after champs. They did however post the closing ceremonies video here.

Full field videos of the matches 2481 played in are slowly going up on this channel:

So this will include some but not all of the Galileo elims

Playlist of Bird’s Eye View of 2014 Einstein field Matches by Gary Hedge of Team 3476, Code Orange:

Playlist of 2014 Curie Division Elimination Matches shot by Gary Hedge: