Good Hosting Services?

Anyone know of any good web hosting sites that provide good service, for a good price? Or any discounts for FRC teams? We are looking for a good host, not a domain.

Thanks, and have a great day!

We use Dream Host. I’m not sure what exactly the conditions were, but we’re getting it at no cost, and have had good service and no one has told us that it’s blocked by their security filters in the past two years.

HostGator is fairly inexpensive and is pretty decent! NameCheap is another, though I’ve never had any personal experience with them.

Why not just go through your domain provider?

We get dreamhost for free for being a non-profit. It’s alright…definitely not the fastest, but you get what you pay for I guess.

Personally, I use DigitalOcean. Fantastic service, highly recommended. I haven’t asked for a discount, but they have student discounts and are usually quite friendly to student open-source projects. If you email them you might get some freebies.

Are you a reconized as a 501c(3) by the IRS?

Our booster club is recognized as 501 (c) (3), but we got the website before that happened, so I don’t think that’s a hard requirement for Dreamhost. Our team is organized officially as an activity of the public school; perhaps that was part of the deal.

My team use GoDaddy, it fairly expensive ($50+/year) for hosting alone, but to us its really reliable and has never failed.

Yup! It’s fantastic being your own organization separate from a school. While we don’t get the transportation, we have a lot fewer rules we have to follow.

+1 for Dreamhost! Can’t go wrong with free unlimited webspace and a free domain name. If you’re running some sort of special apps that require efficient load speeds or fast download rates (eg streaming video), that’s the kind of thing you could probably look elsewhere to pay for. For a regular informational website, Dreamhost is great!

I forgot to mention - if you’re running a Wordpress site, I recommend WPEngine. I don’t know about pricing, but I worked at a company who specialised in WP builds and they moved from Dreamhost to WPEngine and never looked back.

I prefer Namecheap.
I’ve had a very good time with it.

Our Team uses Fastcomet. Their support is simply amazing (eg. 10 minute response times) and their plans are very well priced for what you get.

As for performance They perform much better than other hosts I’ve had experience with, namely iPage.

Another I would suggest is Siteground. They’re one of the best out there and it was a close decision between them and Fastcomet for me. Fastcomet won out in the end though because I had a really good discount for a 3 year plan.

I would strongly recommend not going with an hosts listed in this blog post. They’re all own by a company called EIG and their support and performance across the board is terrible.

The same author also has a list of trusted hosts found here

We were using DigitalOcean for quite some time. We started getting these “Error Establishing a Database Connection” messages several times per day (there was more downtime than uptime). They were getting ~$20 / month from us so when we asked them for support, they tried a couple of things and then told us to get a better plan.

Then we switched to HostGator and magically all of our problems are gone. We are paying them nearly half us much as DigitalOcean. They also migrated our WordPress site from DO to HG for free in about 24 hours. They are kind of slow with answering the phone but once they do they are pretty quick.

I would for sure recommend HostGator over DigitalOcean no question.

I use Hostin24 - - (at $4/mo - discounts, make sure to look for these, there are some good ones out there). They allow for a site via WebSite Builder, or CPanel, or ftp access to write your own html/php/etc. They also suppot https at no extra cost.

Digital Ocean, AWS Free Tier, and Google Compute.

Also, depending on the content, Github.