Good intro / fun video for potential members?

Hi all!

1729 is in the process of coming back from a re-group year. We’re going to be (hopefully!) merging with a local high school’s afterschool robotics group. I’d love to be able to show this group a fun, upbeat video that will make them totally excited about FIRST.

If any of you have suggestions, especially something that worked in your school, please share!

Thank you!

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Monadnock 4-H Robotics

Glad to hear 1729 is making a return! I suggest showing kids some robot reveal videos and match videos. Here are some links to good ones from the last two years: (Team 118’s 2013 robot) (Finals match 3 at world champs 2013) (Team 610’s 2014 robot) (Finals match 3 at world champs 2014)
If you guys have any issues or questions while you try to make a return to FRC, don’t hesitate to ask 1058 (my team) for help. We’re only an hour away and would love to give you guys help!

Thanks Jay! I really do appreciate the offer for help.

Those are great suggestions for videos. I’ll think I’ll send the links to the teacher associated with the robotics club and suggest that she choose the most appropriate one(s).

In a fun moment of FRC karma, this teacher is a parent of one of our former team members who has just graduated from WPI. :slight_smile:

Id suggest this one from the Ri3D guys

I hadn’t seen that one before! Another good choice. The clip of Dean at Epcot reminded me that I’d been at Epcot during one of those Championships. I heard about the competition but never went. Little did I know that years later the FRC calendar would be a huge part of my life.

Trying to Help
Monadnock 4-H Robotics