Good job diffusing "american selectivness"

Brandon, good job diffusing that “American Selectiveness” thread.

It was clear that it would explode within a day or two, and probably lead to some folks needing a shameful reminder of what gratious professionalism is about. Your quick thinking and quick action probably prevented a small war.

Keep up the good work!

I think that it makes more sense to leave a thread like that open, but just remove the patently offensive posts. Some of the best discussions on the board here are the ones that tend to get a little heated. A simple reminder to people to observe gracious professionalism would have done the trick, and left a very interesting thread open for discussion.

I actually left it open for about 2 hours more than I originally was going to.

Then the replies started to get a little too heated, and rather than have to remove the bad posts … I tried to stop them from happening.

I agree, that was a good conversation, but at some point it was going to turn ugly, and so I just cut it off.