Good Job


I just wanted to congradulate each team for the outstanding season that this has been. I know that we’ve all learned a lot and that next year will be even better. A special congrats to Lake Orion and team 67 for an exciting finals round. I would also specifically like to thank team 201 for three exiting matches. I would like to email the drivers of both 201, 67, and 91. If anybody know the drivers and/or their emails, please let me know or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for a great season. I for sure will be back.

Todd Lawless and Team 27

For me OCCRA has surpassed FIRST in a number of areas. Most importantly, I think OCCRA is more fun. The build was more fun and the game was more fun.

One on one is how it was meant to be. I also enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to travel all over the US just to compete with our robot and the students didn’t have to miss any school.

Thanks to everyone for such a great season.


You can be sure the HOT team will be returning next year.

To team 25,

In addition to myself, our drive team included the following students:

James Claus - [email protected]
Dane Meyers - [email protected]
Justin Milburn - [email protected]
Leith Nader - [email protected]

Dane and Leith were at the controls.

Our whole team will recieve a message sent to [email protected]

Thank you, Todd. We all enjoyed the matches we had with your team. I will give the drivers your e-mail, but I asked them, and they preferred if I did not post their e-mail addresses online.

Congratulations also to Lake Orion and Huron Valley. The finals were some very exciting matches to see.

thanks guys,

A word to the Rochester team… If the drivers would like to mail me personally, they can do so at [email protected] I just have a few things to tell them. Other than that, I am looking forward to seeing each team, and many new ones, next year for the 2002-2003 OCCRA games.

Todd Lawless