Good Low Row Scorers?

Our team is a low-row scorer that goes for the bottom 9, so ahead of our second competition, I was looking to check out matches from competitive low scorers to see where we could improve. Does anyone have suggestions on teams to look at?

I would take a look at 2202 and 5934. Both seeded first at their events and focused only on the hybrid nodes.


4414 at Ventura


5172 is a perfect example of a low cycling team. They were able to be an alliance captain at GNR and built a winning alliance as the 7th seed.


most top teams that I’ve seen usually finish a high link that they started in auto, and than fill hybrid, so you could watch teams like 4414 or 2468.

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We did fairly decent at scoring low…

For improving, just as a base bot, Autonomous. That short of adding an arm to it.

We were captain of Alliance 5 in our last even…anything is possible.


223 and 1923 were the best low scorers at the event my team attended (FMA Mount Olive). 1923 was the captain of the winning alliance despite to my knowledge not having a cone manipulator after their first qual match!

I think one objective heuristic for determining good low scorers is the component OPR for cubes scored, as calculated on TBA.

It’s not a perfect metric, but it does bump down the best overall OPR robots (125 and 1676) in favor of the low scorers. If @Caleb_Sykes 's event simulator was still around, I’m sure it would have a direct calculated contribution to hybrid node game piece scores.


Farmersville at Ft Worth


At Heartland, 1710 focused on low scoring throughout qualification matches and through the double-elimination bracket. This strategy allowed us to rank 3rd overall, be the captain of the 2nd alliance, and go all the way to finals.

Here’s a link to one of our qualification matches: Qualification 33 - 2023 Heartland Regional - YouTube


Couple of headline items to consider (hopefully these are already obvious to you, but it is never safe to assume anything):

  1. Low row scoring is valuable when you can quickly build links to try to get closer to the bonus ranking point. So, the key is to cycle quickly and efficiently and place the pieces to build links.
  2. Filling the co-op grid is a high priority as it could reduce the number of links needed (assuming the other alliance also puts their 3 pieces in the co-op grid).
  3. Assuming that you have an alliance partner that is scoring higher and also working to build links, make sure you coordinate your efforts to make sure you are not getting in each other’s way. If you are getting close to the end of the match and you have an opportunity to complete a link down low, but you need your alliance partner to place a low piece to complete it, make sure you let them know.

As you watch other effective low scorers, watch how they handle these items.

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Team 4550 was a great low scorer at the Utah Regional


I will always recommend 9180 for this. literally a kit drivetrain with a simple intake for cubes that focused on being fast and scoring low. first pick of the number 2 seed at the Canadian Pacific Regional and really illustrates how effective a simple design can be.


1778 seeded 5th and Bonney Lake (PNW) this last weekend, ended up captaining the number 3 alliance and won the event against 2046 and 2930. (I would recommend just the Bonny Lake videos as they did very good at that event).


To be honest, I feel like they were really lucky in terms of how GNR played out for them. They arguably would have not won if either the 1st or 2nd alliance didn’t break down. 2nd alliance beat them by a fair margin in semifinal 3.

Not 100 percent sure, but it also looked like the captain of alliance 1 was having issues during finals. They probably would have won, if they were working functionally. Or who knows maybe they would have been beat by the second alliance.

As a mentor for 6045 (the #1 seed captain that broke during the finals), I don’t think the fact 6045 broke during both finals matches takes away from the 7th seed winning GNR. They still found a way to be in position to win.

In addition, I think it took a few matches for the 7th seed to coordinate triple offense so using their very first playoff match isn’t a fair representation of how a rematch in the lower bracket of #2 vs #7 would have played out.

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Check out 8048 who ranked #3 at CVR.


5419 at San Francisco was absolutely insane at low cube cycles


That is for sure. The #7 Alliance threw up the highest scores in any of the playoff matches. They won with a great strategy.

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Team 498 at Arizona East was crazy at hybrid cubes – they can easily solo fill in all 9 in a match.


A few that come to mind for me out here in the PNW:

4043 NerdHerd, low cycler only. They haven’t captained an alliance yet this year but they certainly add significant value. They’ve also only played 1 event so far, it will be interesting to see how they do at OSF this coming weekend.

4488: often focuses on cube scoring low first then switches to high. The reasoning being that cycling low is faster than raising the arm and aligning the high node score. 4488’s first event was a bit rough with lots of broken robot happening so I’d suggest watching Wilsonville over Clackamas

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