Good Luck 122

On behalf of Landstown team 769, i want to wish u guys good luck for yur comp. in Philly on thursday.As i hav mentioned before, you guys were the coolest for everything u did for us at VCU. Hope u guys fixed any of yur problems and can win at Philly. Wish we could be there, but we have no money and need to save for next year, cuz we can’t get the NASA grant again. oh, if u forgot who i was, i was the idoit who painted his face blue and white.:smiley:

Hi and thanks! Hopefully we will do better in Philly – we believe that our problems have been fixed, and our autonomous program has been improved so that it should be more accurate and repeatable. Thanks for the support. We wish you could be there too – we had a good time sharing the bus and at dinner with you. Hope you guys can come out next year … if you still have some finance problems, just e-mail our team and we’ll try to help out as best as we can. Maybe we can get together and do some joint-fundraisers this summer?

And I liked your face! It was better than a lot of the other designs.

Hopefully 5!+2 will see 6!+7^2 next year! Good luck.

one way or another, team 6!+7^2 and my blue face ( hopefully a whole team of blue faces, but im the only one who will ) will be at VCU, and hopefully another regional and nationals. I’m pretty much willing to do anything to get money. Whether being a slave, being hit pies filled with not so good things, or standing outside with no clothes on ( though illegal), as long as i can get money for my team

i’m just goin to wish u guys good luck again and i’ll try to watch some web casts during school. Wish we were there.

GO 122!!! YEAH