Good Luck 2004 Seniors

Over the next few weeks, many of ‘our’ 2004 Seniors will graduate from high school and move on to the the next phase of their lives.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to all FIRST Seniors all across the country and around the world and may you be successful at whatever and whereever your next step is - work, college (or both).

Remember what you have learned in FIRST - Teamwork, Problem Solving, the Value of Friendships and Gracious Professionalism and you will be successful whatever you do.

Remember us all and come back to visit often!

A FIRST door is always open.

Thanks Chris, It has been a quick four years, but I know I have leared more about science and technology than I woudl ahve ever dreamed of. Please to all your seniors, don’t make the road stop here. Get out there and inspire other people in the fields on science and technology like you were.

Good luck to all!

you seniors have taught us a lot… thank you so much… good luck to you and please come back to visit us… we appriciate you…

Thanks to Mike, Pierce, Arrialle… (they are all on 108)… for all of their help and great inspiration… also the seniors i know from other teams… has helped me a lot… thanks to you all…

Definitely. I’d like to thank–even though they’ll never see this–all the seniors from my team: Zach, Adam, Bryant, Kyle, Peter, Jamie, Christina, and whoever else whom I might have forgotten. I don’t quite know how we’ll function with you all.

And also thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg, our team lead mentors, who have found it beyond their means in terms of time to continue leading our first team and have had to step down. As founders of Team 1073, you will not be forgotten.

And a big shout out to Tom of Hyper 69, who has consistently been an incredibly cool person to work with on a consistently cool team.


Thank you! FIRST has become such a huge part of my life in the 3 years I’ve been actively involved on the team, I remember joining the team after my friend Kevin told me about it my freshman year, but it was too late to join already. I ended up joining my sophomore year, but had no idea what I might want to do with my life. I have since then decided I want to continue working with engineers, but on the business-end. FIRST has helped me shape my life decisions, and I for one definately want to stay involved with FIRST and hopefully give back to the incoming kids the same experience my mentors gave me. So I guess what I’m trying to say is a big thanks to all the mentors, whether they be engineers, college students, teachers or parents. I want to be just like you guys.

Good luck to all 177 seniors (Dave, Julia, Lindsey, Jes, Katie, J.T., Jeremy, Pam, Carolyn,Evan and Mike) and all seniors on other teams! Also, I would like to wish good luck to all of our mentors who are leaving(Especially Mike Betts, who was one of two mentors left from when our team was founded in 1995)…may you all continue to be involved with FIRST.

Oh, how we barely knew ye…

Although I am coming from a team with no seniors (no seniors in the whole school yet) I made friendships with many seniors this year and I just wanted to thank all of the seniors out there for making this year a great one. Thank you again, and good luck! Don’t forget about us okay?! Come visit…and often!

I know I will peronsally miss all of the seniors on my team because even though I’ve only known them for a short time, we’ve developed such a strong friendship and they’ve taught me so so so much. We had our team picinic yesterday and it was sad saying good bye to all of the seniors. Fare well to all of the seniors on MOE and all the other teams. I don’t mean to sound like a Treky, but…“Live long and prosper”

Thanks Chris! Ya i last day of school was friday. I cant wait to come back as a mentor and i have learned so much from FIRST. Are team will be starting again young. All three drivers graduate this year. The three drivers are original members from when we were rookies so we have grown up in the system and its going to be interesting to see freshmen and sophmore’s take over next year cause thats all are team is going to be made up of next year. I am moving to a new team next year 1083 in orlando with Studmandan and i cant wait for this new experience i love everyone on that team and cant wait to help them out

Thank you for the kind wishes. Though I was only on Team 67 for two short years, I will miss it soooooo much! I can’t remember what it’s like not to be in robotics and even though I am an official HOT Team alumni now, I’m still doing work for HOT and the new team that I’m working on starting up at MSU. I will always remember the lessons that I learned from FIRST, and I know that they will help me through my life. Even now, FIRST’s lessons are making a difference to me. Thank you FIRST, and that you to everyone in FIRST who have made such wonderful differences in my life.