Good luck from BAE Systems

Hi all,

We at BAE Systems are extremely excited about the upcoming FIRST season.
Here is a sneak peak at the video some of you will be seeing at your kickoff events:

Good luck to all the teams and we look forward to seeing what you can accomplish!

Thanks to BAE Systems for all the support you’ve given FIRST and its teams over the years!

BAE has been a great source of funding and mentors for my team and all of FIRST. Thank you BAE for your support. The BAE office in Charleston SC is actually where we are going to watch the kick off:D

Thanks from FRC3295, a rookie team in Riverside, CA sponsored by BAE.

Thanks from Exploding Bacon a proud BAE team

Great video, thank you BAE Systems for supporting the FIRST community.


BAE has been an awesome sponsor for FRC 418, LASA Robotics. Thanks for all that you do and may 2010 be a great year for you!


Thank you for the funding and mentors, from Team 11, a proud BAE team.

Hello everybody! It is my first post here, I’m from Brazil from team 1382#. We want to say thanks to BAE Systems for all that you do for us. Good luck for all teams!!

Please add Team 1729’s thanks also. You’ve been a great supporter and we’re genuinely grateful!

Trying to Help

Team 166 in Merrimack, NH also THANKS BAE Systems for everything they do for us!!!

Team 811 also says “Thanks for all the support!”

Mahalo BAE for all of your kokua (support) for both our team and the Hawaii Regional!

Thanks BAE–without you, we could not have done, what we have done so far!!!

Awesome video Dennis! Thanks for all the support you and BAE have provided us over the years.

BAE - please start up a facility in Northern Ohio so teams up here can benefit from your generosity! We also kinda sorta need the jobs. :slight_smile:

awesome video! Thank BAE for helping all of us and mostly with our regional!