Good luck to everyone at nats

I just want to wish luck to all the teams tomorrow and the rest of the weekend!!!

All of us FIRST-a-holics will be watching you guys so make it good.

A special good luck goes out to Team 60, you guys have done amazing so far and I can’t wait to see how nationals go.

Another special good luck to my second favorite team 238. You guys rule.

60,254,238 the dream team?

Everyone remeber this is fun and your in disney world so have a little fun on the side too ok guys and girls?

fun…in Disney world on a robotics trip away from school on a “school function” i dunno i think uu may be asking a little too much…

wait a sec…

Disney World = Fun
No School = Fun
With Friends = Fun
Meeting new people = Fun

So if my calculations are correct that 5 times two carry the one…

Good Luck Everyone…

Awwww Shane…your our second favorite team too!

Good luck to everyone, even though I can not be there (college sucks without a FIRST team), i wish you all the best of luck…

Team 238 - you know I love you guys more than anything, and you are awesome this year…you deserve to win more than anything…I will be there in spirit…well or just watching it online…you all know how I am…lol

Team 60 - well i don’t know anyone on the team anymore…but I wish you guys the best of luck…I’ve made some great friends from your team (even though we get kinda competitive about FIRST, Shane will owe me $10, LOL)…you guys are an awesome team…GOOD LUCK…

Team 25 - you guys have been nothing but nice to our team so far, good luck to you at the nationals as well!

To the rest of the teams I know and do not know…GOOD LUCK…FIRST is awesome! LIVE IT UP!!!


Thanks Shane! And thanks to our fan from Team #238, whoever you are. We’ll do our best, and that’s all I ever expect from our kids.

We’ve all been around long enough to know ANYTHING can happen at competitions. Who knows, maybe even a little team from rural AZ can come away champions. Win or loose though, I’m proud of everybody on every team who gave it their all. Give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts.

Best of luck to everyone and, remember, we’re all winners for having had the experience!

Mrs. H