Good luck to everyone at the Nationals

Posted by Ron Roeut at 03/20/2001 7:27 PM EST

Student on team #191, X-Cats, from Wilson Magnet High SChool and Xerox.

I would like to wish everyone the greatest luck at the nationals. I know how hard everyone has work to be where they are now and it showed and now we all can relax until FLORIDA because it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Well until then take it easy. Don’t be afraid to ask for me. See You then…

As Always,
Ron A.K.A. ASiaN BreaKer

Posted by Alex Mineer at 03/20/2001 8:09 PM EST

Student on team #365, Miracle Workerz, from Avon Grove High School and DuPont Engineering.

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Posted by Ron Roeut on 03/20/2001 7:27 PM EST:

We can’t take it easy yet, still have Drexel! Good luck, X-Cats, hopefully we’ll see you again, and good luck to you all. See everyone in Disney!

-Alex Mineer
-Team 365

Posted by Carolyn Duncan at 03/21/2001 3:59 PM EST

Student on team #495, The Pack, from Jamestown High School and VBEP/Raytheon/Saic.

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Posted by Alex Mineer on 03/20/2001 8:09 PM EST:

495 can’t relax either! We lost 2 mentors and have a few other minor issues we need to address, mostly rules for nats. We can’t relax until nats and then adrenaline will be pumping so much that relaxation will be impossible. Hope to C-ya all in Fl.
Team 495