Good Luck

Hello Everyone,

 My name is Vincent Zotto, I've been around for a bit here and there. I know the National Competition is just days away. Believe me I wish I were going. The National Competition has always been a place where teams all over the country and world convene to settle on who will the best of the best. 

 Anyways, I just wanted to say, since I won't be able to go this year or next year. I will be graduating from college and then heading to hopefully start my military career. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

 Good luck, have fun, gracious professionalism, meet new people, shake hands before and after events. Take pictures and work hard!

Good luck to you also in your military career and good luck to all those teams participating.


:smiley: don’t hesitate to come to the Techtigers pit and say hi. You can’t miss it with our bright orange shirts. :smiley: