I wish a good luck to all the teams at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. I hope everything works out great for your robots. I pulling for 358,357,56,103,222,1402,1391,1708,188,47,48

My top 3 Favorite TEAMS

365, MOE: Amazing at both Philly and Pittsburgh and overall a team that everyone should look after.Even in the heat of competition, they always there to offer a lending hand whenever something should happen. And personally, to the MOE Mentors for giving they time to chat and give me some very useful advice for making a better team next year. GO MOE

341: What can I say, MISS DAISY. I like this team because they good competitors on and off the field. Always helping another team when needed. Good-looking robot.

395-2Train Robotics. I been following they story ever since last year. This is team rocks because they robot is flawless and does everything.And also they do alot for they community and thats a cool thing to do. I wish them alot luck at Championship.

Again GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAMS and until next year,maybe Team 204 will be competing with the best.

Thank you Freddy!
It is nice to know that you are rooting for us. We can always use more people in the cheering section whether they are in the Georgia Dome or at home.

It was great completing with you at both regionals. We are 2-0-0 with you on our side in Qualifying Rounds. Hope we see you at PARC this year. Maybe we could trade you that MOE Shirt there (if we make arrangements ahead of time).

Good luck to your team next year, especially in Autonomous Development. If you still have that same programmer I talked to in Pittsburg; you should be fine. He has a good understanding of the code.

Thank you again, and I hope we will see you see you in Atlanta next year.


Thanks for the very nice comments. Team 341 will also be cheering for many of the same teams, especially those teams from Philly and Chesapeake. Many of our old friends are on your lists. Best of luck in the off-season.
Al Ostrow

thanks for rooting for 56 bro we are gunna need alotta support being most of our team isnt goin due to we raised money to go starting on easter sunday parents werent soo happy but they got over it and now we are gunna try our best in atlanta.