Team “TnT” 280 would like to wish all teams the best of luck this season and that the build season is an enjoyable one.

Same from 1103.

I hope everyone has fun (I plan to).

On Behalf of me And team 1219 Also would like to wish everyone good luck and have fun. And Remeber Gracious Professionallism.

Lets make my senior year the best year in :yikes:

Well with the kickoff just hours away I would like to wish all 1600 teams and then some good luck during the 6 wks of **** =), Remember Gracious Professionalism and all the work you put in to what you are doing from here on out will pay off in the end.

Good Luck Teams

I can’t wait to see what this years game is all about :wink:

Team 1126 would also like to wish everyone good luck this season…have lots of fun!

Counting down the minutes to Kick-Off. OK, hours.

Let’s all have fun this year.

Some sage advice.

If your robot doesn’t preform like you wanted it to, learn from your mistakes and make the next one better.

Sleep did not come in the KOP so you might as well forget about getting any. Sleep that is :smiley:

When all else fails…READ THE MANUAL!!!

A better way to look at it is this; You all have ample time to get your sleep in from the final day of nationals to the friday before kickoff. There should be no reason why anyone will need sleep for the next 6 weeks and then some. You all have had enough of sleep or hibernation, now its time to wake up and do some work =).

On behalf of team 1250 I wish all the teams good luck. Only hours till kickoff and I can’t wait to see what the game is. I also can’t wait to see all the crazy contraptions different teams make. Hopefully my last year will be the best:) .

Only hours left 'til kickoff, and so far this year has had the best “atmosphere” around it than all the games that I remember. I don’t know why, it just does.

Good luck to all the teams out there, and I look forward to meeting and competing with all of you.


On behalf of 868 I would also like to wish everyone a happy build.

Oh, and also wear your safety glasses!

Good luck, and to all the rookies out there: welcome to the best six week period of the year!

From team 1882, Anything is possible. Good luck to all and get some sleep tonight (one of the few you will be able to) Thanks to NASA we are still in the game.

Team 1852 wishes everyone a happy, successful, and, most importantly, a safe build season.

Team 1446 wishes everyone good luck this season.
For those coming to the Chesapeake, “let’s rock!!”

With under a day before Kickoff, on the behalf of team 1525, I would like to wish all teams the best of luck in this new competition. I can’t wait.

Good luck and best wishes for a succesful build season! From the team 81 the Metalheads! :slight_smile:

Team 1522 Hanover High School - Defenders of the Multiverse wishes all rookie and veteran teams good luck for the next 6 weeks and the new competition!

Make sure you read the FRC Safety Handbook before running over any more mentors. :wink:

Only a couple of hours until my first kickoff! I can’t wait!

Good luck to all!

Good luck to all from Team 34!