Good Matches 2018

Hi CD!

As an ardent fan of the sport of FRC, I’ve been perusing Week 1 match video in search of quality entertainment. My criteria for what is considered a good match, which probably match up pretty well with your criteria, are as follows:

1.) The match must be an example of high quality play.
2.) The match must be reasonably competitive.

Unfortunately, this year’s scoring system means that it’s actually quite difficult to determine a match’s quality by glancing at the final scores. So, I’d like to ask you, the community, to post in this thread your favorite matches throughout the 2018 season.

I’ll start. The entire Miami Valley Regional turned out to be very competitive. Check out the semifinals and finals for ridiculous scale battles and platforms filled to the brim with cubes. I couldn’t even count how many times the scale changed hands in Final 1. Also, 4028’s consistent 2-cube autonomous is awesome to watch. After watching Final 1, watch the rest of the finals to see how 4362 and 302 were able to match and exceed 4028’s scale capability and take the event.

Ok, what good matches have you watched?

Essentially any match at Central New York, especially quarterfinals with the #1 alliance were rather interesting, especially with one of them involving a coordinated double scale auto iirc.

In addition, 7179 proved to be a perfect executor of strategy for me, with Crossfire filling every role thrown at it and holding against 148 + 118. They may have lost, but their fight in strategy made it an incredible showdown nonetheless.

I was watching the Central New York Qual 1 and during autonomous red got a tech foul and I cannot figure out why. Can anyone shed some light on this?

U have to be in the null territory when you’re ‘shooting’ a cube.

Guessing it was for launching. 2791 wasn’t far enough forward to launch. They were calling those HARD in NY.

I would recommend going through some Gibraltar matches. Instead of 1-2 dominating teams, there were 5-6 great teams that were about equally matched. The #1 spot was going back and forth between multiple teams.

Finals 1 was probably the most exciting, so give that a watch.

If you want more from Miami Valley watch Quarterfinal 2-2

I personally liked Q55 from Miami Valley.

It was well played by both alliances and gives insight on how matches with only switch capable bots can play against a potent alliance with scale bots.

That’s an awesome match, but also so, so difficult to execute when your opponent just “gets” the scale for the whole match

Great Northern Finals 1 and 2 were both incredible matches, with the most competitive scale battles and hanging races I’ve seen up to this point.

Finals 1
Finals 2

Granite State Quals 59. 5687 & 3205 on blue both were very strong on the scale, while 5686 dominated the exchange & switch. On red, 1058 & 238 worked on the scale while 3323 played de and scored in the switch. Red edges out the win with a last second climb from 1058 and 238 stopping 5687’s climb but blue had the lead for the majority of the match.

It was for launching. We (340) fixed it in the next qf by driving a little faster and backing up a bit further away.

Some context for those who weren’t there:

We (4362) had a broken motor that couldn’t be fixed before Quarterfinal 2-2, so instead of calling in a sub, 302 made the decision to play with 2 bots. Smart ownership of the scale + efficient use of powerups let 302 and 3397 stay ahead the whole match.

302 and 3397 were laser focused on the scale and exchange zone respectively, and this + smart endgame play (3397 playing quick defense on 247, causing them to rush and drop a cube) won the match. If 247 had been able to place that cube and keep switch ownership for the last 30 seconds of the match, then they would have won.

Q77 from Dallas Regional, where 7179 (a rookie team) scored ~20 cubes in a single match:

  • 1 cube in auto
  • 2 cubes into their switch
  • 6 cubes into the enemy switch
  • 9 into the vault
  • A couple more into their switch

7179 best rookie team

I count 17. Regardless, that’s an incredible performance. Shows what you can do with a creative drivetrain and a skilled driver.

Wow, thanks for pointing this match out, it’s definitely one I want to show my drive team.

Red (the alliance with the scale capable robot) could have won that match easily if not for a few things:
-379 should have focused on their switch earlier after winning the scale, yet instead they wasted time placing two more cubes on the scale.
-3844 gets a silly null zone foul at the end of the match
-379 and 3844 didn’t leave enough time to coordinate the double climb


That was a really fun match and just goes to show how much strategy is emphasized way more in this year’s game than in previous years. And it also shows how strategy can change multiple times throughout the course of the match!