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In addition to being a mentor, I enjoy FRC as a sport and I enjoy well-fought matches. I created a thread in 2018 about good matches, and in 2023 with DCMPs already over this year (where has the time gone??), there probably have been more than a few matches this year that were highly enjoyable from a spectator perspective. Thus, I’ve created another thread.

The match that inspired me to create this thread is FMA DCMP Finals Match 3. I’ve provided a writeup of the match in the details section below, but here is a teaser that shows only the final 15 seconds of the match: ✂️ Peddie clutch - YouTube (Thanks to Tom from 1807 for clipping this from the stream and posting in the FMA Discord)

Expand for a writeup of FMA DCMP F1M3

Full match video:
F1M3 2023 FIRST Mid Atlantic District Championship - YouTube

The context of the match:
This is the Final Tiebreaker match of the FMA District Championship. Red won Finals 1 because 484 had an unfortunate radio reboot or other issue causing them to be non-functional for about 30 seconds of the match and 2539’s arm broke in such a way that it couldn’t hold cones. In Finals 2, Blue sprung to life and filled the grid while scoring 190 unpenalized points. Thus, a tiebreaker match was needed. Both alliances were capable of filling the grid, although Red didn’t know this yet, but Blue had a higher ceiling in auto.

Match events by timestamp in the video:
0:06 Match starts.
0:16 5895 misses their second auto game piece, a cube, by lodging it between the scored cone and the cube node. This effectively removes that cube from the playing arena and adds another high cycle to Red’s winning requirements.
0:18 3142’s auto pushes a pre-staged cube into 484’s intake, giving Blue the advantage in pre-staged game pieces.
1:27 Battle for a cube in the center of the field; 1923 is able to scoop it up from underneath 3142’s intake.
1:45 3142 lands a semi-hard hit on 2539 and causes them to drop a cone, forcing them to go back to the single substation for another one.
2:14 25 seconds left. 1923 picks up a cube from the loading zone. A second cube falls behind 1923 and they push it out of the zone. This cube ends up being important.
2:19 20 seconds left. At this point, out of the six robots, only 484 is getting ready to balance.
2:28 11 seconds left. 3314, who has taken the cube pushed out of the Blue loading zone by 1923, scores this cube mid. 3142 completes a cycle from the loading zone into a hybrid node. On the other side of the field, 2539 places a cone into an already filled hybrid node, then passes an unfilled node on the way to the charge station.
2:32 8 seconds left. 5895 scores a cone in a hybrid node by flailing its arm in a dramatic fashion. Probably wasn’t needed but this added to the excitement. This was the last game piece required to fill the Red grid.
2:35 4 seconds left. Blue triple-balances on their charge station.
2:37 2 seconds left. 5895 and 3142 rush onto the charge station. 3314 drives off the side of the charge station and immobilizes their drivetrain.
2:39 0 seconds left. 5895 balances while the buzzer sounds. 3314’s operator quick-extends their arm to see if they can change their CoG and balance that way. As the match comes to a close, equilibrium is reached on the Red charge station and it engages.

With my contribution out of the way, I would greatly appreciate links to or writeups of any other matches that were fought tooth and nail.


The most exciting FRC match I think I’ve ever experienced was the NE District Championship Finals 3. Between the two alliances there was only one empty grid location, and the match came down to the buzzer for a 185-183 win for the #1 alliance.

No video posted yet, but this was an amazing match for all six teams.


Finals at Port Hueneme. There were 4 (technically 5) matches played, including the first match ending in a tie, with a last-second failed climb by 1678, and replay of match 4, which was Overtime 1, after the Blue Alliance’s Charging Station got stuck. This was all after Alliance 1 had to play through the entire loser’s bracket, after losing in the first round due to a red card.


Finals 1 (Tied)
Final 1 - 2023 Hueneme Port Regional - YouTube

Finals 2 (Red Alliance)
Final 2 - 2023 Hueneme Port Regional - YouTube

Finals 3 (Blue Alliance)

Finals 3.5? (Stopped due to field fault)
2023 Port Hueneme Finals 3.5 - YouTube

Finals 4 (Blue Alliance)
Overtime 1 - 2023 Hueneme Port Regional - YouTube


Saw an absolutely amazing match yesterday from PNW DCMP. Playoff match 12 pitted the #8 alliance (led by team 360, Revolutions) against the #1 alliance (led by team 2910, Jack in the Bot) and was an astounding effort by both alliances. It ended with only one empty grid position and a 181-188 clean score (no fouls in the match) and a win for the #1 alliance that went on to win the event.

The video is up and it is quite a sight, especially the 50 point auto from alliance #1

Also really exciting, though not nearly so close a contest, was PNW Qualification 82. Once again with Jack in the Bot leading, the Red alliance turned in the current world record clean score of 192, only one point below the maximum clean score of 193. It was an astounding performance to watch.



Here’s a summary of all PNW matches on TBA if anybody wants to check it out!



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Probably my favorite match at PCH Championship this past weekend


It’s always match 7

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The wide streams are much better

If it’s not on TBA did it really happen? I understand these videos will get uploaded to TBA after the fact, but the dizzying “Program View” shouldn’t even get uploaded.

PNW really should default to utilizing full field views as their primary option. Everything else is a massive waste of time. Save money on the camera operator, a 30 foot tall camera mount is presumably a lot cheaper and absolutely does a better job.


Finals 1 at Texas state champs, which showcased some on the best teams in the world, close to max scores on both sides, and a triple balance that somehow happened after the game ended?


That was crazy and great to watch. It came down to a 5 point penalty and 176’s alliance got a full grid. I lost my voice that match.


Did 3005 move after the buzzer?

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I sort of agree but it is good for scraping screenshot pics of your robot at times

nitpick, but our A/V is all volunteer :slight_smile:

Costs money to feed 'em and shirt 'em.

Sure, it’s less than payin’ 'em…but it’s still budget.

Or maybe spend more money and train 'em on how to deliver the shots the people want, also an option. Back in my day, FIRST and Show Ready hired camera crews for most events. The camera crews would spend about 1/2 of the match focusing on everything but the action. Robot on its back spinning its wheels? They’d zoom in on it for a close-up shot for like 20 seconds. Drive team concentrating? Sure, let’s get 10 seconds of that! Oh, hey, there’s an immobile robot, focus on its blinky light. You might get about a minute where you knew what was happening if you were watching the stream–and we watched, as low-quality as the streams were. There were CONSTANT complaints from stream viewers, and even from at-event spectators. Eventually, those camera crews kind of faded out for single-camera setups that were generally aimed full-field or large chunks of field.


Being from the PNW, I will say (joking aside this time) that I prefer the wide screen view, but I do appreciate the other view. Our events’ productions are well done imo - fun to see the various close-ups. Kudos to those involved.


This is really easy - tell them to back the heck off and leave the full field view alone. It doesn’t matter how great of a camera operator you have, unless the game is similar to 2014 with very few action areas at a time, you will always be missing important robot actions in any non-full field view.

From an outside perspective, I enjoy watching PNW videos less than any other region. I’ll take Ontario’s sideways cameras over the rapid view changes provided by PNW. I have to imagine sponsors, mentors, and parents within PNW would generally agree that it’s frustrating that they can only see the robot they’re interested in for a very small portion of a match.

Even better, reallocate the volunteer resources to improve the event experience for teams, which in turn will improve the event experience for those that aren’t able to attend in person.

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Yeah… I tried to watch the match and honestly had no idea what happened. Too many camera sources, too many jumps and transitions. I’m not sure who this feed is for, even in the venue it wouldn’t be helpful.

Whoever is on the switch needs to chill a bit. Less is more folks :+1: A static view of the full field is plenty good.

One thing that Indiana Champs does is hire the local ISC Sports Network to come do a broadcast specifically for home viewers. Then they get people like Andy Baker and other local folks to come talk along with their broadcaster. Here’s one example, I think they do a nice job: LIVE FIRST Indiana Robotics State Championship (Day 2) on ISC! - YouTube


Consumers Finals 2.

Blue won F1, so red is in do or die mode. Collision in the middle at 50 seconds breaks 51’s wrist. Teammate 818 trying to make up lost time flips on their own charge station with 25 seconds left…