Good mechanism videos

Hello all! :slight_smile: My team is working on getting our new kids in the right mindset for FRC mechanisms - simple roller wheel grabbers and etc. vs everything being a complicated claw on an arm like new kids tend to come up with first. I’m looking to collect up some good videos (reveal or otherwise) that showcase particularly simple / elegant good solutions. Not necessarily the most fun reveal videos, but something that showcase a really simple elegant solution for intake, delivery, etc. Hit me with your best! :slight_smile:

Well, they aren’t videos, but Spectrum has been collecting and sorting mechanism photos going back as far as 2004 (although they’re missing a couple of years, and all of the older albums are just pictures of Pink Team magic).


Oh man, this is sick. Spectrum has so many great resources!


The amount of material that Spectrum has available for all of FRC is just crazy. I think they’re the best resource in FRC.

Just in case you haven’t seen the motherlode of 3847 resources:

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Spectrum are like the student who studies between exams and takes extra credit courses yet manages to excel in athletics (outreach). My money is on them to be the next Texas team to lead an alliance to Einstein.


Here’s something that may fit your need to an extent… an FRC prototyping youtube video Playlist created last year:

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