Good recommendations for reference swerve designs

Hey guys, I’m thinking about designing a swerve module that my team could potentially use in the next seasons. I know there are a lot of different swerve designs out there and was wondering if y’all had good designs for me to study or reference in order to get a good feel of all of the different designs out there. I’m particularly interested in slip ring usage and Differential swerve, although the latter is something that is clearly very complicated to implement.


There’s a looooooot of good resources out there, and many different styles and approaches you can look at. I know you’re specifically asking about using a slip ring and possibly differential swerve, but there’s a lot of resources out there that can give you the background necessary to understand swerve up to the point where modifying it to integrate a slip ring would be very straight forward.

1640 Swerve Central:
As an FMA team, there’s nothing cooler than looking at 1640’s CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Swerve whip around the field. I had the privilege of being able to look at one of their modules up close at FMA District Championships, but they have an awesome website which goes in depth about their swerve drive and the different iterations they’ve had up till now. They even have CAD up there for you to take a look at.

2910 Swerve Module Mk 2:
Jack in the Bot’s swerve is pretty freaking legendary, and so this was just their release page on CD for their Mk 2 module, which has a quick run down of the specs along with a link to the CAD

More Resources:
Slip Ring Swerve
Armabot/5818 Differential Swerve
5818 CD Differential Swerve Post
971 Differential Swerve

This is definitely not every resource out there, but they’re the ones I look to and immediately consult if I need any help when I want to know more about Swerve.

And of course, you always have the CD and Discord community if you need any more help, there are TONS of people between the 2 platforms who are more than willing to help you with this type of thing.

Hope this helps!


I also like 1533’s swerve which was in version 4.1 last year.

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