Good robots 2024

Now that the 2023 season is over, who do you all think is going to be an up and coming team in 2024 based on their performance in 2023?


9312 had a really good robot considering they were only a rookie team and also they made einstein so maybe with more experience, hopefully it should be enough so that they can put their names out there


am I allowed to say “all Maine teams”?

we had our first Einstein member in 4 years this year (6329) as well as 133 win their division at NEDCMP. 3 maine teams won blue banners in just the first 2 weeks alone of this season, and a bunch more were major playoff contenders at their events.

we may be cold up here, but we bring the heat when it comes to competition


I like to nominate teams 7157 and 4415 from the Southern California area.

7157 Was a strong contender ranked #2 at the Orange Country regional and only lost to the then future winners of the Galileo Division 3476 Code Orange. In addition they had another great performance at the Aerospace Valley Regional and picked the 4414 to join them so secure their first regional win!!! Which I was shocked was their first

4415 Was another strong participant in Southern California. At the Orange County regional they were a bit under the radar but proved to be a strong first pick and proved themselves with team 987 going on to win the event! They also went on to Airzona East where they ranked 3rd and finished as 3rd place overall in the event. Lastly at the Aerospace Valley Regional they proved themselves in playoffs especially when they defeated the number 2 alliance at the event and later went on to become the event finalists.


8096 grew a ton this year and at this rate, they can start being a strong contender for any event they go to. They have a nice cool looking and smart robot this year.


751 /j
no but fr I think 8033 will do well again, they’ve been crazy competitive for a 4 year old team


4068 has been improving year after year. they had an incredible bot this year and last. They were just short of worlds this year and i hope to see them there next year.


2075, they were one of the best shooters in michigan last year, and this year they were one of the best robots in michigan again, and this year they managed their first einstein appearance, Enigma is one of my favorite teams in west michigan, and I am absolutely stoked to see what they come up with for 2024


From Colorado, 4068 - Bearbotics, 4293 - Komodo, and 1410 - The Kraken really stood out to me. 4068 and 1410 were so close to worlds and both had outstanding robots this season. 4293 were captains of the finalists alliance at Colorado and made it into championships via a wildcard.

Everyone in Colorado really took a step up this season, it will be a fun state to watch for the future!!


8096 were really impressive this season. I’m hoping to see them going the distance in 2024


Correct answers in NorCal feel like 581 and 8033

581 was joined by some big name mentors recently and built an extremely competitive robot this season. What was particularly scary was that they had enough time and resources to mess around with a side climb, putting them in a fairly exclusive category of teams this year. Absolute crime for them not to qualify for champs but I only see them getting better in future seasons.

8033 has hit the nail on the head with their robot concepts the last two seasons and has shown an ability to just keep getting better from event to event. Slept on at champs, looked like one of the better teams in Galileo but somehow ended up on the 8th alliance. Missed Einstein on a rules technicality, very nearly breaking citrus’ streak.


Local to the Kansas City area focusing on up and coming not the already greats.
I think 1710 is ready for a breakthrough year. Their improved focus on documentation and process will yield a tight bot next year.
I also think 2357 has seen improvement over the last few years and may also experience a significant jump next year


Out of Nassau/Suffolk LI 1468, 3171, and 2872 all seem on solid upward swings the past few years


not to toot our own horn but i think 7072 is a really solid team, especially since we qualified for worlds three of the five years we’ve been a team.


That team had previous experience as members of other teams. We had a match with them, and they were really good.


We had a great match with them at Champs. Their robot build quality was quite impressive to match their performance.

  1. They are our cross-town homies, and we practice with them multiple times a season. They have slowly been getting better every year, and I am looking forward to what they put out next!
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List of Teams that are going to be playing above thier previous expected benchmarks. Note I am a westsider, so they will be skewed a bit that way.

Future MSC Captains:
4381, Twisted Devils: with the addition of thier second team I expect that they will be quickly in the running to win yearly district Blue Banners.

3655, Tractor Technicians: Have been running an awesome program for a while, I expect their robot capabilities may have caught up to their Impact abilities. I expect them to become a mid state powerhouse that we really don’t have right now and fully own that Lansing event they host.

3175, Knight Vision, Yes they went to einstien, but I expect them to be a contender on all levels because of that experience and excitement in the program. I expect them to hang banners yearly.

Disctrict Contenders:

818, Steel Armadillos: What a year! they are on the Knight vision path, can they keep it up? FiMstien and Einstien is an incredible run, but they weren’t getting District wins. I don’t know a ton about them, but everyone will be watching them next year.

9312, Nerd Spark: Is FRC harder than FTC? Didn’t look like it with this moving up team. A rank 1 & Win at Jackson and a visit to Einstien as a rookie. possibly a best rookie season in Michigan history? The FTC dynasty makes me think they are here to stay.

6081: Digital Disocators: Built a simple, strategically designed, robot and took 2 blue banners. However they got quiet on the bigger stages. They came to week 1 with a multipiece swerve auto. That is high performing.

6002: Similar to 6081, came out swinging and played at a high level all year. Integrated everybot concepts into a great tiny bot flawlessly. Got to prove that they can do it again. Got to prove that they can borrow the right ideas consistently. Could become a SW powerhouse.

Welcome to the Party Rookies: (Get ready to be “InSpired”)

9176 Greenspire Steel Sturgeons: Everybot on swerve, great start! Picked at MSC & the #2 pick & Finalist at LSSU as a rookie, truely a great rookie season.

9106, The Spires: Swerve and a custom arm, a great start to thier team. #5 pick at Kentwood. Watchout they are coming for the Westside.


I have to agree about 818. I was their pit neighbor at the Macomb Event this year, and they had an incredible robot. (Unfortunately, we had to knock them out of the upper bracket, causing them to face the terrifying Knight Vision/Strike Zone combo that would later take us out.) After this year, Steel Armadillos are one of my favorite teams, and they are a great example of why we need a universal point system. (If Michigan had regionals, they wouldn’t have gone to champs.) I have to agree with your picks of 3175 and 3655 as well, great robots, although I would like to add 1701 RoboCubs, 7769 The CREW, 503 Frog Force, and 5907 CC Shambots. Great alliance partners, and I’ll be watching their performance closely going forward.


Though I am (of course) very proud of my team’s efforts this year, I’d have to nominate our neighboring team’s robot as one of the most underrated of the year: Hydra from the Eastbots, team 4795. It was a deceptively simple robot, with a single-jointed arm and wrist mechanism and fairly straightforward ground intake. But it also made a deep run in both our NCDCMP and in Daly division at Worlds. Like our own team, Eastbots has been on a solid upward trajectory for the last few years and is bringing our NC teams into a new level of competitiveness. I think they will continue to up their game and be serious competitors on Einstein in the near future.