Good tech based books

Does anybody know of any good books that are about the Segway, and apple, and other technological developments ?

Code Name Ginger by Steve Kemper.

Steve had an agreement with DK to follow the development of the Segway, but the secret project was leaked to the press (the whole ‘what is It?’ thing a few years back), and I think Steve and Dean had a bit of a falling out.

The book came out about a year after the Segway was introduced.

For technology books in general, I recommend you look for biographies. Ken Olsen from Dec, Jobs, the Woz… just about anyone who has been tied to engineering and technology in the last few decades.

the name of the book was changed to reinventing wheel it is great, it’s like portable first.

To Engineer is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design by Henry Petroski.

Tons of case studies about various engineering achievements (and failures)

The Race for Bandwidth: Understanding Data Transmission (Strategic Technology Series) by (the late) Cary Lu. Cary wrote many very good computer books, and unfortunately this was his last.

Cary discusses the development of data transmission from a historical perspective, and describes how it has always been human nature to try to get more and faster information from one point to another.

This is one of those “tech books” that you can just sit down and enjoy reading; it isn’t a textbook. (Actually, all textbooks should be written in this manner, but that is another discussion).

You might have to look for this in a used bookshop or on eBay though. I’m not sure if it is still in print.