Good times in Dartmouth, and thanks!

Hi All,
Great event in Dartmouth this weekend. A big thank you to teams 1519 and 4908, thanks for believing in our robot and our team, we had a great time and really enjoyed working with you. You guys set the gold standard for teamwork.

Hope to see you all in Worcester, with any luck we can all run amok in St. Louis!


Steve Spoldi
Mentor for controls, vehicle dynamics, and the occasional inappropriate comment for team 230, the Gaelhawks

This has been lauded as one of if not the single most competitive NE FIRST event this season and we, for our part, had a great time and loved every single minute! Thanks to everyone involved for making it the best fun we’ve had in some time!

Good times, indeed! It was a fun little event… the 27 team dynamic did prove interesting… very tight match turn-arounds and a deeper-feeling field with so many strong teams in attendance! Thanks to all the event planners, volunteers, and staff who had the event running like a well-oiled machine from start to finish!

We were very happy to be able to pick such a strong complement in 230, a very capable landfill stacker and a masterful capper! We were quite shocked to be able to pick 4908 with the 16th pick… they had shown very strong potential on Saturday morning, and with practice and some adjustments they incrementally scored more and more totes from the HP, going so far as to make 2 4-stacks of totes from the HP in F2!! We enjoyed having such capable partners with drive teams that were a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations especially to team 2877 on the DCA; sounds like you’ve really worked to grow your program over the last couple years… it’s shown even from the outsiders’ perspective. Keep it up!

A respectful nod also to the finalist alliance of 246, 125, and 97… you guys had us on edge from the moment 246 picked 125 until the end of the final match. With a 3-tote auto that worked 4 of 4 in quals that morning and a whole lot of potential to make tall capped stacks, we knew we would have to be on our A-game in elims to take home the banner. We look forward to competing with you guys at WPI!

In addition to those already mentioned, particularly watch out for 78, 88, 155, 1124, 1811, 2079, 2877, and 3958 in the upcoming weeks… they’ll almost all be competing at another district or the DCMP!

4908’s robot