Good to know: no time travel.

From the Q&A

Question: Are there any limitations on touching or hitting the rack while hurtling?

Answer: Restrictions on contact between the Robot and the Overpass are defined in Rule <G34>.

Restrictions on contact between the Robot and The Rack are much more severe, as they would have to involve reverse time travel.

Robots designed to contact the rack while hurdling will invite extra scrutiny at inspection. If you use a flux capacitor make certain it is a COTS component, or that you fabricate it from COTS materials.

You could always just go to Pit Admin and ask if any other teams have one. I still laugh whenever I’m reminded of the team that did that in Houston in 2003.

Remember, “you don’t just walk into a store and buy plutonium!” :ahh: If your “sponsor” provides you with plutonium, they have to be willing to provide it to all FIRST Teams. :eek:

What’s the acceleration needed to get to 88mph in 50 feet? And the plutonium is easy to get around, all you need is a lightning bolt every match so you can get that 1.21 jigawatts of energy (though you still need to get it from an approved supplier).

A) the GDC has a great sense of humor sometimes =]

B) Back to the future rocks hardcore!!! :cool:

that’s what the prototype is for - you can use whatever materials you want on it (even those from an unapproved supplier) - jump into the future and buy a cold fusion conversion kit from an approved supplier (after all, they’d clearly be willing tosell to any first team that wanted to purchase from them). Then you can just burn up a battery to power the robot…

After all, the rule states that all your power come from the 12V battery, but it doesn’t say how you extract energy from it.

You’d need a constant acceleration of 50.77 m/s2 (5.178 g) for 0.645 sec to go from 0 m/s to 39.34 m/s (88mph) in 15.24 m (50ft).

No problem, just bring back a Mr. Fusion

Roughly 5 G’s…No problem, who hid the jet engine?:D:rolleyes:

If you’re worried about it passing inspection, why don’t you just travel to the future and see if the inspectors will clear it?
Hmm, actually, if you’re already in the future, you may as well see who wins nationals and see if it is worth it to keep working (yeah, right - like anyone’s going to pass up building a robot). Then again, if you are skilled enough to build a time machine, then beating Overdrive should be a piece of cake.
One piece of advice - make sure that if you go to the past, be sure to have a backup in case you go to a time before Exide batteries were invented (otherwise you’ll have to go through the business of stealing a train and all that business).

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We never left the track. (This thread is kind of a joke. We need the humor around here…)

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Hmm lets see…

Does anyone remember a team coming out of the future and running into the rack? I know I don’t, which should prove that time travel will not happen at any of the FIRST competitions that we remember, in this time line at least.

Maybe one of these days we’ll get a flux capacitor in the KOP. I’m going to bet that would have some very strict rules on it.

It’s too bad we didn’t get one this year, as this is my last as a student, and I’d love to be able to program one of those bad boys!

Even still, a flux capacitor needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity (I looked it up) to operate; Our KOP would need to need to provide some sort of Power of Kits.

It would be awesome if you went to the future and found out you were going to win. Then you could just sit back and relax for the rest of build season, since you will win anyway.

Sure, causality will collapse and space-time would probably rip apart, but who really cares?

Also, concerning the plutonium, remember that it should be available at every corner store. Also suicide booths should be legal. And where’s our space base?

I would… but it’s not available for pick-up till after The Championship Event this year…This is very annoying. I’m looking into getting it expedited though.

<crosses fingers> :cool:

That would be team 11 :rolleyes: