Good Websites and Resources

Hey I was wondering what websites other teams use a lot? These can range from forums like Chief Delphi, to shopping sites like Vex Pro or Andy Mark, or funny sites like #therealFIRSTLIFE, or learning sites like the Autodesk Education site and WPILib for programming.

This is a thread with a long list of suppliers:

Personally I use AndyMark, VexPro, McMaster Carr, and WCP the most, when looking up parts.

May not be everyones cup of tea but

I keep up a list of vendors and FIRST manuals, etc. on my blog. (See my signature file.) I started this very simple page for a few reasons:

  1. When I help out another team (typically a new or rookie team), I just give them the blog address. Beats typing out a massive wall of text email every time I want to give someone the info.
  2. Keeps me from having to keep up my favorites on my multiple computers. I just keep up the blog, and I bring it up when I need a document.

It is modest, simple, and much easier for me to maintain than a full blown website. I make no pretenses that it is an all inclusive list; I am sure that it is only the tip of the iceberg.