Good "Zero -> Robot" control system overview?


I’m looking for a good guide that starts from assuming you know nothing about the FRC Control System and ends with you having laid out a basic electronics board with a Java program spinning a CIM motor. We’re helping new students learn about the control system on the robot, but most of the folks who worked on it last year graduated. I’m hoping for something that walks through step by step with clear instructions, either as a written document or a clear video tutorial.

FIRST’s guides seem a bit verbose –$@#I’m looking for the bare minimum to get some new people started.


The electronics are fairly straightforward. Hopefully this guide is simple enough (because I don’t know how much simpler you’re going to find) Wiring the FRC Control System | For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

You should need the PDB, roboRIO, VRM, and 1 motor controller. The guide shows how to connect all of those components.

Here’s some example java code that will let you control the motor with a joystick using the Y axis.

Thanks Tim. I had found those official FRC instructions, and the link to a very simple robot program is helpful in case the default from the projects in Eclipse is too complex.

Yes, I was also going to post screenstepslive. Another great resource for those just getting started to those pretty familiar with the control system is the Robotic Eagles Control System page. Theirs is heavier on the hardware side whereas screenstepslive has more emphasis on the software. Edit: They also get in the weeds where screensteps stays generic, such as the details of which of the buttons, knobs, and such on an xBox controller corresponds to which device number in WPIlib.