Goodbye and Farewell.

In 16 days I ship out for Navy basic training, technical schools and my first command and the time has come for me to say my farewells and goodbyes to my fellow FIRSTERS. As some of you might already know I am going into the Navy for at least the next 6 years to serve my country and also further my education in computers and technology. F.I.R.S.T has inspired me to pursue a career in technology and has truly held up to its founding goals. I am honored to have been apart of FIRST and will continue to support, watch, and grow with each and every team in the US and around the world. My experience in FIRST has been very positive thanks to my teammates, teachers, mentors, parents and most of all the chiefdelphi community. The Delphi community has definitely made my time FIRST a lot more enjoyable, everything from the technical help, design ideas, and even the fun and games has made every bit of my time worthwhile. I hope all of you continue onward in the spirit of FIRST helping each other out in times of need, laughing together, and continue the pursuit of all that FIRST stands for. However this isn’t goodbye forever, there is no way possible to keep me from this wonderful world and one day I shall return and that’s a promise. Finally I would like to say thank you to FIRST and all the people that make this all possible. Also I would like to thank everyone in the Delphi community and I wish you all the best of luck this season and on into the future.
Goodbye and Farewell.

Dear Brad,

I want to wish you the best of luck in your endevours, and I hope you know that we’ll all be watching you as you do something that is so incredibly excellent. It has been great knowing you and talking to you, and I’m proud to see you going off to pursue your dream.

I’m sure you’ll always be welcome at any FIRST event you attend if you’re in the area of one. Remember, just because you’re far away, it doesn’t mean that good-byes are permanent. Thank you for being here, and good luck to you.

Your friend,

Please stay in touch with us, no? :slight_smile:

Take care Brad, if you’re going to Champs try to find me, I want to say hi.

Please stay safe, and good luck. You make us all proud. :slight_smile:

Goodluck in the Navy and a big thanks for serving our country!

Have a great time, Brad. Here’s to fresh breezes, calm seas, and a great experience in the Navy.

(And remember, the red-painted part goes down and the part with all the antennae goes up.)


I want to wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for your service to our country and for defending our freedoms. The service is a most honorable choice.

May good fortune sail with you wherever you go! Stay safe and we will all welcome your safe return to CD and the FIRST community in the future.

Best of luck,

Good luck to you in your service for the Navy…This is a good choice for you.
I don’t know what school your gonna take but if you become a ET it might fit well with your FIRST experiances. The Navy uses a lot of stuff that has robotics applications. Also you’ll get to travel. There will be good days and some not so good days, but over all you’ll do ok.

At least you’ll not be in bootcamp during the winter. I went into the Navy in 1977 during the first week of February at Great Lakes…they had 12 feet of snow on the ground the whole time i was there and part of Lake Michigan was
froze over. I was gonna be a ET then (you had three elective school choices
then), but a opening for my school would’nt be open for 6 monthes (for what I wanted) and I took the option of becomeing a BU (builder) I had the Asvab
scores for a ET (89)…No telling where I’d be in life now if I had been a ET.

God Bless and thank you for chosing to defend the freedom’s we have in this great country, The United States of America.


It was a pleasure knowing you Brad. Good luck and I hope you do well. Will you be making it to Atlanta?

Best of luck to you, Brad. I’ll miss your photo caption contest entries (and your other contributions to this forum).


Unfortunately i will not be making it to Atl this year, however in the future i will try to make it to events depends on when and where i get stationed. Additionally my training will be for IT (information systems technician) in which i plan on getting either and associates or bachelors in plus a mechanical engineering degree of some sort. I mean if the navy is going to pay for it then i am going to take advantage of everything they give me.

Thank you for your service to the country. Good luck man!

Wow Brad, do you bring back memories! I served 5 years starting in 1972, so I could earn the G.I. Bill benefits and afford to go to college. Take full advantage of what that benefit can do to further your career.

You are starting an adventure that will be frustrating at times, but also very enjoyable and rewarding. You will visit countries that you will yearn to return to, but never will in your lifetime. Get some travel guides for the countries you will be stopping in, and find out about tours to their National Parks, or go visit cultural sites (architecture, museums, archaeology sites, etc.). It is great to completely immerse yourself in another culture and see how they live. From walking through the open air fish market in the Seychelles as the men brought their daily catch in, to taking a complete tour around the South Seas island paradise of Guam, to nearly falling off a 16 foot sea wall in La Reunion as I ate a picnic lunch, because someone said “Bon Appetit”, and I heard the first words I understood in three days. Every port we stopped in was remarkable for many different reasons. Enjoy them all!

And when you have an opportunity, get back here on CD and post your travelogue. We’d love to hear your adventures.

Great Luck Brad!

Oh, yes, one more thing, tell them you want a Tin Can!
(USS Southerland DD-743 and USS Fox DLG-33 – both mothballed now)

there are quite a few FIRSTers that I know that were (and are) in the Navy! The experiences you had in FIRST will serve you well.

I** know**that 836 will miss you and I will miss seeing you at the local events.
Keep in touch.

Good luck to you in the future. It sounds like you have your next few years planned out fairly well. I am proud of you, knowing that you have taken this course. Don’t believe the 12’ of snow at Great Lakes, that was a myth or ancient history.(the most I ever remember was 11’ but it was gone in a couple of months) It’s really nice here in northern Illinois if you get up here. Looking to hear from you in the future. Stop by on CD and let us know what is going on sometmies.

From all of us here at Team 1126 SparX from Webster NY, we salute you to serving our country. Please use all of what you have learned in FIRST to bring with you to whereever you may go. Thank you and God bless.

Hey Brad, I respect you greatly for joining the Navy and serving the country. I also wanted to join but things didn’t really do my way. But I do know what a great oppurtunity it is. I wish you all the luck in all that you do. Thanks.


Good luck to you, and thank you for serving. I served 4 years in the Navy, and it was some of the best years in my life. Serving in the Navy might not stop you from assisting FIRST since Navy is very big on community service (you’ll find out once you are out of bootcamp and A school). Think about mentoring if you are stationed at a base, or mentoring those here if you are at sea. They got internet connections on board now (but not when I served :frowning: ).

Anyway, Thank you for choosing to serve.

ChiefDelphi is a great place for a kid to hang his red hat and call home.
You’ll be in touch, the CD family is counting on it.


Brad, I’ll miss you so much.
Keep in touch with me, will you?
Much love, and stay safe, please.