Goodbye FRC

Unfortunately I believe my time as a student on an FRC team has come to an abrupt end. My current team has gone through some hard times lately and it seems like it will probably be disbanded on the 26 of this month. I would like to thank the FIRST community for making the past 3 years so awesome, as well as both teams I’ve been on, one in New Hampshire where I had my start and realized I wanted to be an engineer after schooling, and here in Georgia where I was taken in half way through a season and they still treated me like I was part of the team right away.
I hope to return as a mentor in several years

If you’re willing to travel a tiny bit, there are other teams around you:

I’m sure they’d be more than happy to let a driven and inspired student from a dying team join them. One of my good friends travels an hour both ways to be on his team because FRC is worth it to him. If it’s worth it to you, then you can bet your bot you’ll be on a team this year.

I second that you consider joining another team. You can’t expect to have the same kind of involvement that you had last year with the added commute, but at the very least showing up on Saturdays and attending the competitions is better than nothing at all.

FRC is very worth it for me sense I’m unable to do sports that is the time of year I look forward to most. Thanks for the suggestion after we get the final word that my team is no more I’ll look into other teems. Third times a charm hopefully