Goodbye from FRC team 747, Flight Crew

To Whom It May Concern,

As you may know, team 747 is a small but very successful High school robotics team. The team is run by 3 primary advisors/ mentors. We have about half dozen young mentors (college students that were once on the team) that help when they can. The success of the team is because of the above-mentioned people and the support of a great collection of sponsors as well as the community.

Last March we were notified 3 days before our first competition that the season was canceled due to the Coronavirus. To be honest, the kids were devastated. All the hard work and time they put in was for naught. We explained once again that robotics is not so much about the robot and more about life and that sometimes things, just don’t go your way. They somberly settled into the “New Normal”.

We tried to keep things going from the beginning of the “Stay at Home” order, but unfortunately, the regulations prevented us from continuing. As information trickled in from FIRST Robotics, we first found out that they were going to replay last year’s game in 2021.
Now, as we understand it, 2020 robots will be reused, but the chances of a competitive season as we know it happening are very low. It is because of a collection of circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic as well as mentor burn out, that the decision has been made to permanently close FIRST Robotics Team 747, Flight Crew.

We will be eternally grateful for the support that we have been afforded over the years.
We wish all past and present members, supporters, sponsors and friends of Flight Crew the best of luck in whatever the future brings.

FRC 747 Flight Crew Mentors/ Advisors


Always loved following Flight Crew after their creative name / number combo landed on my radar. I’m sad to hear the team is shutting down, you will be missed.

I’m very sorry to hear this, as soon as I learned the fact that “team 747 is called Flight Crew” I’ve followed your matches when they come up. You are clearly a talented and driven group of students and mentors, and you’ve done a great job (2019 FMA champs!) I hope that the alumni and mentors from 747 take the lessons they learned and do great things.

And I hope it’s not impertinent to ask, but are you willing to share your 2020 robot? I’d love to see what you all came up with!

My team never got to compete against you but we are sad to see you leave. I wish you all luck in the future and am sorry that this is how the team has to go down.

Very saddened to hear this news. We really enjoyed playing with you guys when we would be paired together. We hope all the best for your mentors and students.

I won my first blue banner six years ago with the team that would become known as Flight Crew. That event was the first time I really understood what it was like to be successful in FRC and was a defining moment in my time as a student. I will remember that event and all of my other experiences with 747/869 fondly.


This is so sad :frowning:. Wish I was able to play against you guys. Off note, any chance of you guys to do a T shirt sale? I would kill to get one of your shirts.


I am really sorry to hear that - sorry to see any team go but I understand We are trying real hard to hang on too - its very challenging to do in this time of Covid

Despite being MAR compatriots, myself and 1712 really got to know 747’s predecessor team 869 at Championship. We would play occasionally together at DCMP, but had never really had an opportunity to work together much. But when we looked at the teams who would be available to us to select in 2016, we knew that 869 was outperforming the rest by a country mile and their abilities paired perfectly with ours (plus we had enjoyed our qualification matches together at both DCMP and CMP). From then on, 1712 became big fans of 869 and subsequently 747. 747s defensive powerhouse in 2019 was a favorite of quite a few Dawgma students, and I remember multiple members of our scouting party immediately heading down to the field to chat with our driver about the frustrations of driving against it after our match against 747 at DCMP last year. It wasn’t a mistake they were picked so highly as a defense and endgame specialist at DCMP.

Dawgma is sad we won’t get to share the field with Flight Crew again, but knows that the grind of FRC is costly in many ways. It’s remarkable that the core associated with 747 had already survived a transition from being a school-based team to a community team, and we congratulate 747 on their years of inspiration both in their own community and beyond.


Thanks! Just for anyone else looking for it, the 747 segment starts at 1:14:40.

Good luck friends. 869 and 747 were both wonderful teams. I remember their robots and mentors fondly from my MAR (FMA) days.

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This is such a heartbreak. 1923 and 747 have been buddies for years, and we love & respect the incredible work they do - not only on the field, but in their community. I’m sad we won’t have our black & white brand buddies down the pit aisle anymore. Sending everyone the best of energies and wishing the best of luck for whatever’s next for the members of your crew. :black_heart: :white_heart::black_heart: :white_heart::black_heart: :white_heart::black_heart: :white_heart:


This is sad, but I fear we will see more of this in the near future…

The same is happening in MN with our FTC League structure.


I’m so sad to hear this, but I want to thank you for all the great interactions my students and I have had with your team. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Your team has had a huge impact on the people around you, and you’ve long been an inspiration to 1257 for a long time.

Your team was on my mind this morning before I’d heard about this, and for whatever reason I decided to grab a photo of your trophy cabinet from back in the 869 days.

747 is probably best known for their defense in 2019, but my favorite robot of theirs was the windsock defense robot from 2013 back when they were 869 (there were two versions, the short sock for cyclers and the tall sock for full court shooters). They had their same ‘clean & no fear’ approach to defense dating all the way back to 2013.

It’s been a pleasure playing with 747 throughout the years, and I wish them the best of luck for whatever is next!


My favorite moment from that year is when they got three robots lined up and pushed them all at the same time.


The 747 ends production the same year you shut down.
Coincidence? I think not.

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Best of luck folks. Hard news to hear when a well-known team folds.

I know ya’ll have good things ahead of you though, which gives me hope. Here’s to hopefully seeing you as individuals around events in the future!

Very sad to see you guys shutdown. Both 869 and 747 have been great teams to be around and work with. We are going to miss have you guys down the aisle from us.

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A fan. Was that effective at blowing the frisbees around?