Google Adsense - Anyone used it?

I’ve noticed an increasing number of websites using google adsense. Anyone use it on a team or personal site? If so, how much do you make? I doubt an average team site could pull enough traffic to really make much of anything, but then again, I could be wrong. So, anyone used it?

I run it on one of my sites. It is good but I don’t get much ($10-$20 a month) due to the topic of the site. How much you make depends on the topic of the site and how many people click the ads (but don’t tell people to click the ads or click them yourself - that is a no no). Also, I don’t think FIRST would like it if you ran ads on your site.

Yeah, I use it on my blog. Due to the Google Adsense Terms of Services, I’m only allowed to tell you how much I’ve made overall, which, in two months, is something to the tune of 3.50. If you have a site with a lot of traffic, though, I hear it pays off. Each click is a lot more money than you would expect, especially if you have good keywords for your site. I would recommend it to anyone, pretty much. Putting ads on the site is easy and they have 15 or so themes so that it doesn’t clash with your site’s color scheme.

I used it on Listen-To (when it was online) and it brought in more than I thought it would.

And putting advertisements for companies on your robot or team shirt is any different?

Plus google’s ads are relatively non-intrusive, compared to some other companies out there.

I use it on and generate around $400-$600 a month. Great program!