Google and it's Spinoffs

From my few months here at CD, i’ve noticed that Gmail is a great topic for discussion, in fact Google in general, well anyway, you’ve all probably seen, as posted earlier, Gizoogle, particularly this translation Well a friend sent my a link to GGG-Gmail which is pretty funny.

But lets not forget elgooG the inverse of everyone’s favorite search engine.

For any real google fan, this is a must see. Its a collection of the google logos that people have created,

But don’t forget the official google logo collection see all the logos that appear on the main page on holidays

And to go along with the vintage technology thread, we have Vintage Google!

Don’t forget Google Fight which I can’t really explain and you should see for yourself, but make sure you check out this fight after you use it

And if all those aren’t enough for you there is French Military Victories

And when your done with all that, you can join the Google Fan Clubs, The Unoffical Google Fan Club and Google Fan

But Most of all,

ROFLMFAO. Thats amazing!

Gotta love the GGG-Gmail website.

That’s because Google caches this forum’s pictures, posts, white papers, etc. doesn’t have a cached forum…

hahaha thats great! :smiley:

those are great!!! hilarious!! especially the french one, lmao :smiley: !!!

Due to popular demand I’ve found some more parodies, take a peak at this one Good Google News

This one is pretty intresting too, pretty much was it does is add another term to your query and you’ll get pretty intresting results BananaSlug

This fully functional google mirror displays an inspirational quote every time you search

Heres a rofl, use this google, Elmer Fudd Edition which is google’s interface featuring the Loony toons character Elmer Fudd’s Google

Google Has fallen! Google Falls

Look at this, google now has a feature that can predict what you are looking for, just follow the steps with the Next Generation Google

Oh and check out the World’s Smallest Google

Ever thought what google would be like if it got Hacked? Hacked Google

Have Fun, I’ll find more