Google Basketball

I was wondering how people would react to this, in light of the game this year.

Have fun!

Not enough backspin :confused: :smiley:

10, followed by 12…perhaps I’ll leave it to the robot…

24 :slight_smile:

  1. I can beat that triple if my alliance just puts up a single :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooo determined to beat the record. And I got it :wink: 45. I don’t see how you can score any more than that. Definitely outlasted the triple!

1st try: 19
2nd try: 30
3rd try: 30
4th try: 30

I think I’ve peaked :frowning:

I cant get above 30 either! Although I seem to be better at this than our robot was.

Agreed. Our robot wasn’t very good at pressing the space bar, either.

Hah. And I managed to get up to 39.

I got my first 30 with a buzzer beater! I now know how I’m spending the next hour…

Breakaway fans will enjoy today’s doodle.

Too bad there aren’t many breakaway fans :stuck_out_tongue:

Raise your hand if you noticed Curiosity in this doodle while it was up.

47 on my second try… yay for running computer models at work!

Wow!!!great…one of my friends tell me about this to see and i see really interesting…first try 12 and in second try also 12 points scores…