Google Coral and Vision Processing

During the off-season, some of the students on 9016 were playing around with the Google Coral and combining it with the Limelight to make real-time object detection/classification and tracking.

What is Google Coral?
Google Coral is a specialized hardware suite by Google that is tailored to run machine learning operations, especially those using TensorFlow models. It helps ensure quick, efficient machine-learning computations for embedded systems.

The Fusion of Limelight & Google Coral:
How to integrate the Google Coral into your robot. Blend the tracking capabilities of the Limelight with the Coral’s object detection/classification.

  1. Train the AI Model with Google’s Teachable Machine: Start with to train your AI model. Feed images or videos to train the model for specific object detection tasks. (e.g. 9016 inputted several pictures of cones/cubes in developing a classifier neural network). Once you are ready, convert the model into a TFLite model.
  2. Upload your TFLite to your robot: First, download all necessary files for Limelight at Downloads – Limelight Vision. Then, navigate yourself to http://10.XX.XX.24:5801/ (your team #), and select the “Classifier” pipeline. Divert yourself to the uploads tab, uploading both the .txt file for the labels and the .tflite file for the trained machine learning model.
  3. Real-time Detection in Action: Once integrated, the Coral, with its trained model, grabs frames from the Limelight; classifies the objects in the frame with accuracy; and then identifies and locates the object in real-time (via the Limelight). This combo offers both precise detection and consistent tracking!

9016 GitHub:

Video Demonstration from the spring.


Out of curiosity which Coral did you buy? Anything I’ve found lately on amazon seems not entirely legit, but I could be totally wrong. Do you need the dev board or anything or just the USB accelerator?

I bought a Coral from Seeed Studio at MSRP back in May (?) when it was limited to 1 per customer and got it in June. (Before this, you could only buy the USB accelerator when it was packaged with another item). It seems like they have more stock now.

+1 to Seed Studio. They’re actually on sale for 60$ a pop (or at least this last week when I bought some).

Amazon link we used to purchase the coral.

And the students recommended printing a case for it.