Google Down?

Is anybody else not able to connect to any Google web service/site?

Gmail and are both working fine for me.

Well, then my fear that something happened to the Google network is unfounded then. Must just be something through my school’s network.

Google, Yahoo, and a few other sites went down at my school for a bit today, but they were working again not that long after a teacher stop in my chem room and told my teacher.

It’s back up for me now, I’m thinking a regional data center went down for a bit or something.

Went down for my school yesterday. Was rather frustrating as I was researching for a paper. Maybe I depend on Google to much… Nah.

Some websites in this area were down earlier this week, too. In our IT dept where I work we simply say the Gremlins are at work. :yikes:

Hmm, it’s not an isolated event, then. Our school’s system has been on and off since Tuesday, usually for a few hours or so. Judging from those who’ve posted so far, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a regional issue. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Gmail was down for me earlier today.

I use Yahoo for my home page and haven’t had any problems with that.