Google+ Hangout: Fundraising for FIRST Teams

Hi y’all, so FRC Team Exploding Bacon; FTC Team Tesla; Renee Becker, FIRST VISTA is partnering with FIRST to bring you a Google+ Hangout to discuss strategies for sustaining a team through fundraising, gaining (and keeping) sponsors! The talk will be this Thursday 10/17 at 7pm(ET) We hope to see y’all there and be able to compile some great ideas!

For more information go to the Google+ page HERE:

Or the FRC Calendar of Events HERE:

Will this be archived for later viewing?

How are we supposed to join? I don’t see how to anywhere.

“Video removed by user”

Found here:

it will be up on the FIRST FTC YouTube page soon, we will post when it goes live.

It’s Live!

FTC Fundraising Hangout On Air