Google is at it again

Google has just confirmed that it will be releasing a spreadsheet program to rival Microsoft Excel, here is the Marketwatch Article and the ZDNet Article and the"The Inquirer" Article]( Enjoy :smiley:

As I have said before, Google will take over the world.
You all once laughed; but just wait and see…

I hardly consider this as rivaling Excel. It may be a useful tool for quickly sharing information online, but the power in a standalone application is the depth of it’s tools and features beyond the sheet. Does this do graphs? macros? statistical analysis? It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not there yet.

I haven’t really read about it but I’m wondering why you would need this when there is OpenOffice. :confused:

Speaking of google taking over the world, has anyone used Google SketchUp yet? It’s an easy to use architectural design program. I’ve had some fun with it building my house and areas of my school. I’d say that it might not be perfect for the pros (measurements are hard to get exact), but its cool to play around with, or helpful if you just want to plan out a small project. You can also take the things that you can create and put them in Google Earth, which I think is the coolest feature. Imagine creating your own world or going into other people’s houses and such.

The other program doesn’t exactly seem like it will top Excel, but who knows? It’s Google after all.

I’ve used Sketchup to plan out my bedroom redo. Its very nice. I just dont like the fact that I cannot make any spheres like I can in Inventor. But that’s OK.

Other than that, I really wonder when Google, and if Google, will ever make an OS. It would be really nice competition against Microsoft, it really would, and I would probably immediately switch.

I got it and I like it. It is a cool tool. It is not a replacement for Excel or openoffice, BUT what it does it does well.

Google help us manage the team. We use it as a collaborative workspace.

  • Team 237 maintains a master gmail account for the mentors. We all have access to all the important emails and can comment about the emails by replying to the thread.
  • Google Talk allows use to IM without having to install AIM.
  • Google Calender imports dates right out of the gmail account and we all have access to the SAME calender.
  • Google Spreadsheets will allow us to share the MASTER copy of any data that we use public spreadsheets for. You can chat and work on the same sheet as a group.


Man, if only all of our scouters had Google Spreadsheet during regionals, it would have made ball counting a lot easier. Certianly, it’s no openoffice or Excel, but considering its free and you don’t have to download anything, it serves its job well.

I signed up for it yesterday. Haven’t had time to kick the tires much yet, but it looks real promising. Maybe FIRST could use it to distribute the specs on the KoP motors and save us time copying from pdfs to spreadsheets?

I didn’t find a way to import multiple-cell Excel worksheet info - copy and paste puts everything in one cell. I guess JVN won’t be posting his motor & gearing bible this way for a while! There’s at least one bug in the download to .xls (didn’t translate a formula correctly), but I imagine they’ll get it sorted out. All in all, a very interesting concept.

Web Based Applications are great, I’ve been using Writelyfor about 9 Months now, and its great being able to work on a document anywhere I have access to the internet, I don’t even have to worry about having OpenOffice or Word installed. On top of that they jam pack it with features to optimize it for the browser, like it saves every few seconds, making it heard to lose work because of a crash. Google bought out writely back in March. After google bought them out, registration dried up and became invite only, so if you would like to get in on it, PM or Email me somehow. I wonder though, will it ever get the same formating as Google Spreadsheet, the Signature Google look.

I’ve been using iRowsfor my web based spread sheets for about 6 Months now, its got a lot of features that Google Spreadsheethas (I was invited to Google Spreadsheet yesterday morning) and can make graphs and what not. However, it’s got a major issue when it comes to copying, if google spreadsheet can master the ability to make Graphs easily, than it will become the better program, so I’m hopeful for it.

Now that they’ve got the web-based spread sheet, I need a web based Presentation Application

Long Live AJAX

It is a large step from a web-based application to an OS, While I believe that Google would be capable of it, It would take years to do,and would come nowhere close to Linux or Windows in popularity or function. programs would have to be written for it, and an entirely new infrastructure would have to be made to accommodate it. I believe that pledging yourself to switching OSes before an alternative even comes out may be jumping the gun a bit. While Microsoft is the giant of today with operating systems, It does it’s job well, and earned its place at the head of the pack. Windows is the most feature-rich OS out there, and I don’t believe an OS by Google would do too well.