Google Pac-Man

Anyone check out today?


Ya Ill admit it, played it for a little bit today :smiley:

Same here. It was pretty cool! Excellent use of logo google!

I think thats my all time favorite use for the google logo.

I didn’t realize it was playable for a very long time :frowning:

Insert 2 coins for Ms. Pacman.

Her keys are AWSD

Productivity for tonight went down as soon as I got to the computer. Can’t Google just keep this banner forever and ever?

Google made my day today with PAC MAN, good times.


At work we have a general prohibition on games, nobody had admin rights to install anything…but walking around, all you heard was Pac Man noises…:cool:

The pacman google homepage was pretty great. I hope they start a trend of interactive homepages.

if(typeof google.pacman!=“undefined”)google.pacman.insertCoin();else{google.pacManSound=true;

Take a look at the source code. The variables and method names are pretty clever.

And they have permanentized it:


My friend and I spent half of our lunch hour playing 2-player Pacman, thanks to google. It’s rather interesting to play on a laggy school computer…