Google Pixel VR viewing of the field (2019)

The new CD has informed me there are some similar posts from previous years but I haven’t seen a conclusive answer so…

I happen to have a Daydream compatible device - From the plethora of VR options available for seeing the field this year, anyone know which (if any) would work best with such a device?

You can reference this page on the FIRST website:

There is no Daydream specific support (I also have a Pixel) but Cardboard is supported. A Cardboard headset is being included in each KOP. It appears the best option may be “SOLIDWORKS’ Visualize,” since it runs in a browser.

Where did you find that there is a cardboard included in each KOP?

In response to @Tyler_S post, for some reason the system automatically removes it when I quote you.

In the November 16th 2018 blog post it says:

“Lastly, we don’t usually disclose what’s in the Kickoff Kit before TBD (the big day), but we’re making an exception to let you know that Siemens has generously donated a Google Cardboard to each kit”
-Kate Pilotte, Kit of Parts Manager

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Ah thanks, I had already gone and bought two cardboard kits for us to use on kickoff and I believe one of the students is arranging to bring his Rift. Can’t wait to see the virtual fields!