Google Sheets Scouting App

Attempting to make use of all score breakdowns provided in the API this year, I combined various versions of scouting spreadsheets I’ve used in the past to make a scouting template that is hopefully easy for teams to adapt to their use. It was designed to work with paper sheets and manual entry of scouting data, but can be combined with the use of google forms or any scouting app that can export data to csv.


While I’ve used similar sheets in the past, this current one is mostly untested, so please let me know if you find bugs or have questions. OPR data is also not currently integrated, for that calculator please see my other thread here.

Sheet features

Heat map of scored pieces
When a team is entered, the map shows the averages of all pieces scored in their matches. If only one match is selected, the map shows the preloaded location too.

Automatically pulled data
Sandstorm crossing and endgame data are automatically pulled from the API, and updates each time a new match is entered. All fields that involve this data (by match and averages) use the API data.

Team vs alliance lookup
The team lookup uses an entered team # to pull the matches the team played in and sandstorm crossing/endgame data from the API. Entered scouting data is also pulled.

The alliance lookup uses an entered match # to pull the teams playing. Data per match per team are also listed out below.

And more:

  • Takes scouting data for hatches/cargo scored
  • Takes pit scouting data (up to 6 fields, 2 photos)
  • Displays averages for all the fields by team
  • Graphs data per team / 6 teams
  • Runs locally in google sheets

Several bugs have been fixed, including:

  • Issue with pulling comments column
  • Broken reference with second robot image
  • Miscalculating averages when cell is left blank for 0

Any new copies made of the sheet should have these fixes. Thanks to everyone who has let me know of issues so far, and if anyone else encounters other problems with it please let me know.

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