Google Trends for FIRST

Take a look at Google Trends for “FIRST Robotics” and you’ll see some very distinct lines show up. It’s no surpise, but it’s really cool to see how evident the seasonality of FIRST is.

Here’s a link

personally i like the geographic break down

1.Richmond United States - Lavery’s house is using a ton of bandwidth

2.Rochester United States -someone needs to tell koko to settle down

3.Portland United States - The PRN planning committee really does alot with their 56k modems

4.Atlanta United States - free wireless internet at hotels during the championship…nuff said

5.Orlando United States - they still keep tabs on FIRST at epcot

6.San Francisco United States- Ken L where in cali are you from?

7.Philadelphia United States- Ah the city of roboticly Love

8.Boston United States - Woody’s class is actually called “search for FIRST on google”

9.Houston United States - In width drawl sine 2003

10.Toronto Canada- All hits from the search string “Karthik singing FIRST robotics”

That is really cool to see how it goes up for kickoff and the like but the goes down during build season then back up after build season for all the compitions then down for the summer…That is really cool

Google Treds for FIRST == The heart beat of FIRST:

beep beep beep


Dont forget my school on our t1 and all my searches for CMUcam stuff and many other things,


Your terms - **CMUcam **- do not have enough search volume to show graphs.

Dave is in Herndon, not Richmond.

OK well this isn’t on the same lines as the previous posts, but you know how dell has their own Google home page I think one should be instated for FIRST, with the FIRST bulletin Board and more

its called Chief Delphi and who needs google when you have the search in cd

lol, very true CD is my current homepage anyway :smiley:

Breakdown of FIRST robotics compare to BEST robotics

Firehox has one too. But why wait for Google to make a Google FIRST homepage when you can do it yourself?

If you go to and log in, you can click on the “Add Content” button on the top left, you can add RSS / XML feeds from ChiefDelphi, CD Media, and the FIRST Forums into your personal Google homepage. This way, you get Google, ChiefDelphi / CD Media, and FIRST Forums all on one page. Voila - instant FIRSTified homepage! :smiley:

Something Intresting

where did Austrila Come From???

Maybe Dean, Woody and Dave need to make a trip down under.

On the other side of the fence though… FIRST vs. robot wars.

Yeah, we’re closer to Washington, DC than Richmond! Sheesh…

'cause here is where I grew up.



hmm maybe the red rock that makes up uluru(ayers rock) affects the sunlight during sunset so that it appears red, and that represents the red light that was hinted at during the finals. :smiley:

I’m livin’ in a land down under breaks into song

That’s “I come from a land down under …” Don’t they teach you young whippersnappers anything in school thesedays?