Google Video

Google has been working on their video hosting and now have quite a few videos available to view.
<plug> (237 capping in auto mode at NJ) </plug>

Load your videos up. You can never have too much exposure…

I’ve done that with Toy Destruction videos.

I think we should start an online FIRST repository of videos! We have unlimited space on Google. If I had any videos, I’d do it…


I just wish I was around in '01 to understand exactly why the710 point match was worth 710 points. :smiley:


It seems that there is a video from 2001 where the alliance scored 710 points. here is the link. Would anyone mind explaining how they scored 710 points?

From 140’s description of the game:

One (1) point for each small ball in the goal, and not in contact with or supported by a robot.
Ten (10) points for each large ball in the goal, and not in contact with or supported by a robot.
Ten (10) points for each robot in the End Zone.
Ten (10) points if the stretcher is in the End Zone.
The alliance doubles its score for each goal that is on the bridge if the bridge is balanced.
The alliance multiplies its score by a factor of up to three (3) by ending the match before the two minute time limit. Each team receives the alliance score.

I see two large balls, four robots in the end zone, an unknown number of small balls, two goals balanced, and 1:05 left on the clock. Can anyone tell what the multiplier was for that amount of time?

65 seconds would equal a multiplier of 2.5

Heres a break down of the score:
11 small balls @ 1 point each
2 big balls @ 10 points each
4 robots in endzone @ 10 points each
2 goals ballanced causing a 4x multiplier
Clock stopped @ 65 seconds causing a 2.5x multiplier


Man…that video NEVER gets old. Throw all the snowballs you want, I LOVED the 4-0 game. 2001 was my FIRST first experience.

Observe the MORT (Team 11) Matches from this past year. A kid on our team used some simple editing to put together some cool stuff…CH-CH-CH-CHeck it out!

Unfortunately, you are a minority actually liking that 2001 game.

With that said, 2001 was my first year as well, and I remember the first time seeing that 710 match my jaw dropped. I had to watch it a few times to get the awesomeness in the synchronization those 4 teams pulled off in that match.

I uploaded some robotics videos earlier today with the video uploader it had me download. How long does it normally take before people can see it on google?

When i first started using it, it took about 3 weeks, but they’ve speed it up signifigantly since then. Give them a week? Hope by the end of this week.

For a complete description of the 2001 competition, here is a link to the 2001 Game Manual , all 16 pages of it.