Google will host your videos for FREE

Wow… This could be huge. Google wants to index the world. First they want all of your email and now they want to host your videos for you.

For those teams that have bandwidth issues or good hosting, this might be the answer to sharing all of your videos. I imagine every team has some video they want to share. Now you can share and it doesn’t cost a thing.

I test uploaded one this morning and I will advise what happens with it.

:smiley: Did I mention that it’s FREE…

Ok, I tested this google video thing out, downloaded a video, but how do you watch it? or find a link to it? Anyone know?

It has to be approved. They send a email that I hope has instructions

Google is responding to the challenge from the startup:

They will do the same thing – host your videos, no bandwidth or storage limits. A great location to drop your large files and then link to them from your home page. Like Google, the videos are “reviewed” (copyright, content, etc.) before they are available for download.

and you just use your gmail account yay